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Local employers’ websites, local Facebook groups or event listing sites are a great way to get the message out. Ask community organisations to include your event in their communications.

Use social media to promote your event. For example, many politicians and councillors have their own X (Twitter) or Facebook account. Tweet your local politicians to tell them about your event and ask them to spread the word. Remember to use #CarersRightsDay in your posts.

We have logos and posters available for you to download here.


Tips for getting your activity in the media

Target journalists and send the right materials

Most local newspapers and radio station websites have a ‘contact page’ listing their editors. Get in touch with them and let them know about your activity. Make sure you send the right information in the first email as this increases your chances of getting coverage. Send your press release with images of past events and details of carers willing to share their experiences with a journalist.

Get support

Ask your MPs or councillors to support your event. You may also know a local celebrity willing to be mentioned in your press release if you approach them in enough time.

Make it local

The more ‘local’ a story, the more likely journalists will include it. If your activity is new or will be able to reach many more carers because it’s virtual, say it’s a fresh opportunity for residents. If the activity was held last year, emphasise how popular it was.

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