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We are always looking for new ways to make carers' lives better. As part of this we work in partnership with a range of commercial and non-profit organisations. Find out more about our partners.


How we work with our partners 

This charter outlines our commitment to developing products and services which meet carers' needs and are consistent with our values. 

We choose partners to help us reach parts of society that we can’t get to on our ownso that we can help more carers. They might help us reach a geographical area, engage with a section of the population, or connect with more people online.  


We draw on the expertise and resources of partners to help us identify and seek solutions to problems faced by carers, including developing and providing products and services.   


Donations and partnerships with companies help fund our work, so that we can improve and expand our services and help more carers. 


Our principles

We apply a set of principles when considering offering a product or service and selecting a partner to work with. 

Our principles are to: 

  • Work with partners who share our vision of carers being respected, valued and supported. 
  • Offer good quality products and services that provide value for money and will help carers and their families. 
  • Involve carers in the research, development and testing of products and services. 
  • Use any money we make from the sale of products and services to fund our charitable work to improve carers’ lives. 
  • Make sure Carers UK’s policy and campaigning for carers and provision of independent information and advice are not compromised by any partnership. 
  • Work with partners to actively listen and respond to comments and suggestions from customers.

Latest updates

Carers Week blog - Margaret Dangoor
09 June 23

Carers UK Trustee Margaret Dangoor shines a light on the importance of supporting former carers.

“I’m not hiding, you just don’t see me” Carers Week blog - Helen Leadbitter
08 June 23

Helen Leadbitter from the Young Carers Initiative shares her reflections on supporting young carers this Carers Week.

Carers Week blog - Wendy Chamberlain MP
07 June 23

Wendy Chamberlain MP reflects on the importance of the Carer's Leave Act and supporting carers in employment.

Dummy image
Carers Wales responds to Welsh Government announcement on £30 million investment in community care / Gofalwyr Cymru yn ymateb i gyhoeddiad Llywodraeth Cymru ar fuddsoddiad o £30 miliwn mewn gofal cymunedol
07 June 23

Carers Wales response to Welsh Government's announcement of investment into community care

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