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Key questions to consider

  • Will my activity be virtual, or will I be able to safely host an in-person event?
  • Can I reach local carers who cannot access an online event, for example over the phone?
  • How will I promote the event to local carers?
  • What other organisations in the local community might be able to support the event?
  • Do I have the funding I need?

Remember that whatever you decide to do, your aim is to make as many carers as possible aware of their rights and signpost them to information they need to claim what they are entitled to. If you are an organisation that provides support to carers, it is also a chance to let carers know about the help you provide.

Need some ideas?

  • Hold a virtual coffee morning 
  • Organise an online benefits advice session
  • Invite a guest speaker and run a virtual Q&A event
  • Promote carer-friendly policies in your workplace
  • Launch a new service, such as a carers' support network or discount card
  • Reach out to carers who attend your hospital or GP surgery

In need of inspiration?

Here's some of what took place on previous Carers Rights Days:

  • Cyngor Gwynedd Council launched a new booklet and video for carers about how to get the most out of carers' assessments.
  • Farne Salmon and Trout, a business based in Scotland, used their Carer Positive award to raise awareness among their employees of the support available for those with caring roles.
  • Quarriers Aberdeenshire Carers Service held an in-person event with four other services, where carers could learn about the support available to them and meet other carers for tea and cake.
  • Sutton Carers Centre held a virtual workshop and Q&A session with a Welfare Benefits Specialist from Citizens Advice Sutton.
  • Wakefield College emailed useful information about caring to all staff and students, as well as promoting the day via Moodle and a poster campaign.
  • Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust ran a programme of activities to support working carers, including a workshop on helping managers support working carers and a BAME network group workshop focused on working carers, while Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust had an information stand at their general hospital which was manned all day.


Other ways to get involved

There are so many ways to take part in Carers Rights Day and reach out to carers! Why don't you..?

Post on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, TikTok or Threads

You can use social media to promote Carers Rights Day and raise awareness of the impact of caring using our hashtag: #CarersRightsDay. You could include a link to the latest edition of our Looking after someone guide.

Create an information display board

You can create an information stand at your workplace, whether it's a business, health service or education provider.

Write a letter or send an email

You can contact your MP/AM/MSP/MLA/councillor about the importance of identifying those looking after a loved one and informing them about their rights.

Write a newspaper article

Send a letter or write an article for your local paper about the importance of knowing your rights and entitlements as a carer.

Signpost working carers

In your workplace newsletter you can signpost working carers to information and advice. Around one in seven workers in the UK has caring responsibilities. Include a link to our website, or our guide to caring, Looking after someone, so colleagues with caring responsibilities can find out about what help is available.


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