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Nutrition is an important but often hidden issue for carers and their families, with 60% of carers worrying about the nutrition of the person they care for.

Carers UK has teamed up with nutrition company Nutricia to produce information for carers and to help provide better support for carers around nutritional problems and eating difficulties.

  • Eating well for carers

    As a carer, eating a balanced diet is essential to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. A balanced diet will keep your body strong and give you enough energy to provide the best care for the person you are caring for and yourself.

  • Improving nutritional intake

    Find out how to improve the nutritional intake of the person you care for

  • Signs of a problem

    At different stages in our lives our nutritional needs can change. It is very common to take in less food when living with a medical condition, recovering from an illness or operation, or simply as a result of getting older.

  • Dementia and nutrition

    Many people living with dementia may experience a change in their relationship with food, eating and drinking. As dementia progresses, the behavioural, emotional and physical changes that occur can make eating and drinking more difficult.

  • Maryann's story

    Maryann Finnegan from Belfast has been caring for her mum for almost 16 years. With her growing family including twins aged 22 months, she often has her hands full at meal times.

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