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Share and Learn videos

We are now offering all carers access to our Share and Learn session recordings, so you can watch our sessions whenever suits you.

Share and Learn recordings

We hope you enjoy the videos and we’ll be adding more content soon. All videos have closed captions. Please email any feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you’d like to attend a live session, visit our Share and Learn page.

Current videos include:

Exercise and movement

Notice on exercise:

Any form of physical exercise or activity can sometimes cause irritations and pain if not practiced attentively and mindfully. For example, make sure you have a safe space around you (no obstacles), take breaks whenever you need to and do as little or as much of the activity as you choose. Before you undertake any online sessions involving movement and physical activity, you must be happy that you are currently physically and mentally able to undertake the activity and do not attempt something that you are not comfortable with.

By participating in the sessions below, you take responsibility for your activities and your body - Carers UK or the session facilitator does not accept liability for any injuries caused. If you have any current medical conditions/injuries or are pregnant, you may wish to consult your doctor for specific advice before taking part in the session.

Beginners Latin Dance - January 2021 

“Really energising and fun! Thank you Mauricio!”  

(Feedback from Share and Learn attendee)
Enjoy our Beginners Latin Dance session, led by dance teacher Mauricio from Latin Motion. Covering both Bachata and Salsa, this session give beginners a solid base of all the most commonly used steps and turns, helping uplift both your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Beginners Latin Dance - March 2021

In this second session, Mauricio from Latin Motion gives beginners a solid base for Bachata and Salsa, and a brief introduction to Cha Cha Cha.

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Orchestra Vitae - January 2021

Welcome to Friday Music Live! Orchestra Vitae join us once again to introduce you to some excellent music for your mood and mental health. From classical to contemporary pieces, enjoy music that will both relax and inspire. 


Orchestra Vitae - February 2021

Orchestra Vitae join us once again to introduce you to some excellent music for your mood and mental health, with an introduction to the music and history of some of our most famous classical composers. 

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Health and wellbeing

Creating bedtime rituals with Sound Asleep Club - May 2021

Struggle with sleep? Deborah from Sound Asleep Club shares tips for creating bedtime rituals and routines to help you relax and sleep better. This session includes a guided breathing and visual meditation session with a short journalling exercise. To watch the meditation, skip to 30:28.

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Practical information

Tips & guidance for carers on Disabled Facilities Grants and disability benefits - June 2021

Priya and Liz from Carers UK's Helpline team offer tips and guidance for carers on Disabled Facilities Grants and disability benefits. Information correct at the time of recording (June 2021).

Nutrition and caring with Nutricia: good nutrition information about your diet as a carer to help you stay healthy - June 2021

Becky from Nutricia shares tips on good nutrition, and tips for helping the person you care for to eat well. Information correct at the time of recording (June 2021).

Tips and guidance for new carers on carers' assessments - June 2021

Priya, our Helpline worker, offers guidance for new carers on carers' assessments. Information correct at the time of recording (June 2021).

Tips and guidance for new carers from our Helpline team - July 2021

New to caring? Find information and guidance aimed specifically at new carers, led by Liz from the Carers UK Helpline. Information correct at time of recording (July 2021).

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Carers' experiences

Kate Mosse Q&A for Carers Week - June 2021

Bestselling writer Kate Mosse shares her caring experiences and reads extracts from her new book, 'An Extra Pair of Hands', published by Profile Books:

Readings from Shaun Deeney from "Love & Care" - July 2021

"Once my mother looked after me. Now I look after her." Shaun Deeney reads from his book, "Love & Care", about what it means to be a carer, particularly what it means to be a man who cares. 

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