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From carer information sessions run by our Helpline advisers to wellbeing sessions and discussions with carers on diverse experiences of caring. We add new sessions every week so keep an eye on this page for more!

Our series of Pilates and Hatha yoga sessions have now ended, but we hope to be able to offer more of these in the future.

Please note that all our sessions have automated closed captions from Rev.



May sessions

Over 6 sessions, Sara Challice uses insight, strategies and psychology to help you empower yourself as a carer and improve your wellbeing. Many carers endure life, but this is not beneficial for either you or those around you. Sara looks at ensuring your self-care and why it is important to focus on the good stuff. She also explores mindfulness and the importance of ‘me time’. In this session, you’ll dive deeper and look at the ’D word’. Book here

To follow on from and mark Mental Health Awareness week, we'll be holding a session focusing on mental health awareness and support. We'll be joined by Alyssa from the charity Mind, who will sharing some useful information both on looking after your own mental health as a carer, as well as looking after someone experiencing mental health problems. We'll also be hearing from carer and volunteer Matthew about his experience of caring for his brothers with mental health conditions. There'll be plenty of time for you to ask questions and share your own reflections and experiences. Book here

Join us and sighted guide trainers Carole and Paula from the charity Guide Dogs for an informative session on sighted guiding and how to support someone with a vision impairment.  This session will introduce some of the basic guiding techniques for adults with sight loss. Anyone is welcome to join, whether you care for someone living with sight loss or would just like to learn and develop these important skills. Book here  

June sessions

Over 6 sessions, Sara Challice uses insight, strategies and psychology to help you empower yourself as a carer and improve your wellbeing.  Is there light at the end of the tunnel when your caring role comes to an end? What can you expect? And what steps can you put in place now to safeguard your own needs for when this big life event occurs? Join Sara Challice, former carer and author of ‘Who Cares?’, as she shares her own experience, and learn insight and strategies to help with the transition, create resilience and boost your own health & wellbeing. Book here

The UK Covid Inquiry was set up to examine the UK's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact it has had on our society, and to learn lessons for the future.  Every Story Matters is one of the ways the Inquiry is collecting data to try to understand everyone's experience of the pandemic.  On day 2 of Carers Week, marking the theme of Health and Social Care, we'll be joined by Akaash and Minnie from the Inquiry, who will be talking through the work of Every Story Matters, the importance of hearing unpaid carers' stories, and letting you know how you can share your own experience with the inquiry. Book here

Are you sometimes hard on yourself? Are there times you might have high expectations of yourself? Do you sometimes see your needs as less important than the needs of others? 

Self-Compassion is about giving yourself the same kindness that you would give to a dear loved one. It is about being caring and considerate towards yourself in moments of difficulty, suffering or failure. Join us by Ra-Becca Gooljar who will support you to understand what Self-Compassion is and how to apply useful techniques to help you cultivate Self-Compassion.  This will be an interactive session so there will be a space for you to share your thoughts. Book here

The theme for the Friday of Carers Week focuses on supporting older carers.  We’ll be joined by carers Phillippa, Caroline and Dorothy for a discussion on being a carer in older age and some of the challenges that come with this.  We'll be discussing their personal experiences as well as considering some of the wider societal issues related to social care and ageing populations. There will also be opportunities for you to ask questions and share your own reflections and experiences. Book here


Note on signing up to our sessions

Our Share and Learn events are generally bookable via Zoom. Once you have registered by clicking the "Book here" option of the session you wish to attend, you will be sent a confirmation email with a Zoom "join meeting" link. Please note you may not receive your link straight away. If you have registered during the weekend or during out of office hours, you will receive a confirmation email as soon as possible. You will need to register for each Share and Learn individually.


Session recordings

To help more carers enjoy the benefits of Share and Learn, some sessions will be recorded. Only the speaker/facilitator’s section will be publicly shared. If you do not wish to be recorded, you are welcome to turn off your camera/audio during this part of the session.


Want to chat with other carers?

As well as Share and Learns, we run weekly online Care for a Cuppa sessions, where you can meet other carers, share experiences and find mutual support. 

Carers Scotland and Carers Northern Ireland also run Care for a Cuppa sessions for carers based in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Our sessions across the UK


Me Time for carers in Wales

Our Me Time sessions run by Carers Wales are a series of online activities to support your wellbeing. Activities range from practical advice on carers' rights and caring, to emotional and physical wellbeing sessions like mindfulness and dance, to creative opportunities like crafting and cooking. See what's on.


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Watch Share and Learn in your own time

You can now catch up with previous Share and Learn sessions on our videos page.

Carer roadshows

Carers UK is travelling across England and Wales to meet local carers, share updates on what we’re doing and hear what’s important to you in your area.

We’d love to see you on our travels, so if you’re nearby, come along to one of our events if you can.

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