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About our recordings

A series of recordings of sessions with Carers UK Helpline advisers and other specialist speakers. Please note that guidance and tips are for general information purposes only, are correct as of time of recording and do not qualify as advice. For advice on your caring situation, please email


Self advocacy for carers

Patricia from our Carers Scotland team shares information on carers' rights across the UK, how to communicate effectively with professionals and looking after your own wellbeing while speaking up for yourself and the person you care for. Recorded October 2023.


Making effective complaints

Our Helpline adviser Priya shares tips and guidance for carers on making an effective complaint about a service you've received, including how to prepare, what to include and next steps. Recorded September 2023


Continence care and hygiene

Ashley Clydesdale and Sarah Murray from TENA speaking about supporting carers in the management of continence and hygiene. TENA are committed to empowering carers to live healthy and active lives. In this session they share best practice tips for continence care, information on a range of products and how to access them. Recorded June 2023.


Information on autism

An information session on autism presented by Geoff Evans, autism trainer and consultant, who has been working in the field of autism for 40 years. This session involves a presentation and Q&A, introducing autism and its wide range of characteristics and exploring issues related to caring for someone with autism or having autism yourself. Information correct at time of recording. Recorded May 2023.


Latest cost of living support update - energy costs

In this session, Carers UK helpline advisor Liz Edwards revisits what support is available to your household to help you manage rising energy costs, as well as outlining any new support package announcements from the Government. Information correct at time of recording. Recorded 31 March 2023.


Help with household finances 

As part of our cost of living series, Darren Cole, a financial expert and professional trainer from Secondsight, shares some top tips for keeping in control of your household finances. Following Darren's talk, Liz Edwards (Helpline adviser with Carers UK) talks through the energy support package including the Warm Home Discount scheme and other support available to your household.


Help with energy costs

As part of our cost of living support series, Helpline adviser Liz Edwards outlines support with energy costs which you may be able to claim. Information correct at time of recording (October 2022).


Filling in welfare benefits forms

Liz Edwards from our Helpline team shares guidance for filling in welfare benefits forms. Information correct at time of recording (August 2022).


Disabled Facilities Grants and disability benefits


Priya and Liz from Carers UK's Helpline team offer tips and guidance for carers on Disabled Facilities Grants and disability benefits. Information correct at the time of recording (June 2021).


Carer's Allowance and Disability Related Expenditure

Liz and Priya from our Helpline team offer guidance on Carer's Allowance and Disability Related Expenditure. Information correct at time of recording (October 2021).


Hospital discharge


Helpline expert Priya provides information on when the person you care for is discharged from hospital and things you may wish to consider. Information correct at time of recording (December 2021).


Paid employment and caring


Our Helpline expert Liz takes you through your rights as a carer at work, and how to balance caring with employment.


Income maximisation and grants

Liz from our helpline team shares tips and guidance on maximising your income and applying for grants as a carer. This recording is for general information purposes only and is not advice. Information correct at time of recording (December 2022).

Latest updates

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Carers UK encourages contributions for the Carers Challenge: One week left to submit evidence of good practice in supporting carers
01 December 23
Five years on: Celebrating an important milestone for Chief Executive Helen Walker
01 December 23
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Unpaid carers saving NI’s health service £5.8 billion per year, research shows
23 November 23

New research uncovers the staggering amount of money unpaid carers are saving Northern Ireland's health service each year.

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Stress of juggling work and unpaid care for relatives causes thousands of unpaid carers to leave the workplace / Mae straen jyglo gwaith a gofal di-dâl i berthnasau yn achosi i filoedd o ofalwyr di-dâl adael y gweithle
23 November 23

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