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In response to the national vaccine supply profile over April, NHS England has made changes to the National Booking System as of today, 1st April. The self-elective routes currently available to carers who are unknown to the health and care systems will no longer be available. Instead, carers who are eligible and haven’t been called forward are being asked to contact their GP practice to be assessed and registered as a carer, and subsequently will be offered a Covid-19 vaccination.

Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said:

“After a year of caring round the clock and carefully managing the risk of infection, the opportunity to get the vaccine now has provided many carers with a big sense of relief. It is disappointing that the NBS route is no longer available as it was a quick and effective route for time-pressed carers to get their vaccination appointment booked in.

“We are pleased that there is now another way for these carers to get vaccinated. Carers who haven’t yet been able to apply for a vaccine appointment can still do so via their local GP practice. There are longer term benefits for carers registering with their GP, such as getting access to seasonal vaccinations as well as specific support that GPs and their teams can offer.

“We have supported NHS England with communicating this new route and we will continue to encourage eligible carers to come forward, and work to help them get registered and vaccinated.”

Carers UK has developed a template letter to help carers ask to be registered at their local GP practice.

For more information about how unidentified carers can apply for a vaccination appointment, read Carers UK’s Covid Vaccine FAQs page.

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