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Responding to the ADASS findings published today: ‘Snap Survey reveals a rapidly deteriorating picture of Social Care Services,’ Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK said:

“This latest research reflects the worsening picture of home care for older and disabled people and their carers and illustrates the need for immediate action.

“Many carers tell us they are at breaking point, with rising levels of stress and anxiety. 72% have not had a break at all from caring since the start of the pandemic. They have been left with no choice but to pick up more care and support to keep their loved ones safe as services they have been able to rely on previously have been shut or have not re opened. Some families have been too worried about the vulnerability of those they care for to use some services.

“Our research also mirrors these latest findings that hundreds of thousands of people are now waiting for an assessment or service. Our recent State of Caring 2021 research[1] found that only 24% of carers had received a carer’s assessment or re-assessment in the last 12 months – when many of these carers’ situations have got worse.  One in five carers (19%) said they had waited over six months for the assessment.  This is very worrying as 81% of the unpaid carers we support are providing more care than they were before as the needs of the disabled and older relatives and friends they care for have grown in the last 18 months.

“Carers tell us they are worried about the future. Without additional social care funding and adequate staffing, carers will simply not be able to cope this winter.”


[1] About Carers UK’s State of Caring 2021 report

Carers UK carried out its annual online survey between August and September 2021. A total of 8,676 carers and former carers responded to the survey – we have only included responses from the 8,119 people who are currently providing care in this report. Compared to the carer population as a whole, respondents to this survey are more likely to be White British, female and caring for a high number of hours every week. As not all respondents completed every question in the survey, a number of figures given may be drawn from a sample size of fewer than 8,119 carers.

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