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In new guidance the Government has clarified how the Infection Control Fund can be used flexibly through the winter to limit the spread of Covid-19 in care settings.

The guidance clarifies that local authorities have a discretion to use 20% of their Infection Control Funding money for a variety of purposes to ensure infection control. This includes the resumption of services by care providers, support for carers’ organisations and the voluntary sector.

Services have only partially reopened in recent months because of infection control measures and they are supporting a limited number of people and carers, meaning that six months on from the outbreak some carers are still not getting support they really need.  Some services have not reopened at all. 

Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said:

“With many services reduced as a result of Covid-19, carers have had no choice but to provide more care for loved ones for months on end without any breaks.

“We welcome the Government’s clarification that local authorities can use some of the Infection Control Fund flexibly to help crucial services resume, a key recommendation made by the Carers Advisory Group which was co-chaired by Carers UK.

“We hope to see the funding used to help services meet the extra costs of infection control, so that they can return to support all those who used them before the COVID-19 outbreak.

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