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Carers UK has published a Recovery Plan for carers, a list of recommendations that prioritise and support unpaid carers as restrictions are eased and the risk of Covid-19 is managed by society over the next 12 months.

The purpose of this Recovery Plan is to ensure that there is a clear vision across Government, the NHS, local authorities, organisations providing services to carers, businesses and employers that fully considers the needs of carers and the people they care for during this transition period.

The risk of Covid-19 infection is still causing great anxiety for carers, and some have been caring for months without a break or any outside support. With a significant number of care and support services still closed, and carers trying to manage their caring roles with returning to work, it is vital that they are properly supported with their health, wellbeing, work and finances.

Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said:

“The pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for unpaid carers and many are coping with even less support now. As the Government, NHS and local authorities plan for the months ahead it is vital that the needs of carers, and any impacts on carers, are fully considered and that carers are supported to get their lives back to where they want them to be.”

Carers UK’s Recovery Plan for carers is based on the following principles:

  • Carers have a voice and are involved in decision-making
  • Carers are valued, in terms of their contribution and their expertise
  • They have a choice about caring
  • Their health and wellbeing is protected
  • They are able to continue to juggle work and care
  • They do not face poverty or financial hardship
  • That they live in and care for friends and relatives in suitable accommodation
  • They are able to have a break and time off
  • They are able to learn new skills and pursue their own leisure interests
  • Young carers have a right to a childhood and to education
  • Carers are treated equally and are not discriminated against
  • That they do not face loneliness and isolation, but are able to maintain friendships and relationships

You can read the recommendations in our Recovery Plan.

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