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Today, at the start of Carers Week, Phoenix Group – the UK’s largest long-term savings and retirement business - is launching a major new partnership with Carers UK under its 'Caring for Carers' initiative. 

Phoenix’s 'Caring for Carers' initiative aims to help millions of people who work and care for someone to better balance some of the challenges they might face, be they personal, financial, professional or emotional.

Commenting on the partnership with Carers UK, Mary Bright, Group Head of Social Sustainability at Phoenix Group, said;

“Through partnering with Carers UK we can support the great work they do and help drive real change in society.

"Carers UK advocates for, champions, supports and connects carers across the UK, so that no one has to care alone. They also campaign for lasting change.

"Anyone can find themselves acting as a carer, regardless of their age. And the impact on them and their lives can be profound. One in seven people in the UK are juggling work and carers requirements, which without the right support in place, is not always easy. Some 600 carers leave work every day because of these issues. This is who Carers UK seek to help. That’s why we’re pleased to be supporting them.”

Phoenix Group colleagues will be working with Carers UK to raise awareness as well as developing exciting volunteering and impactful fundraising opportunities together.  

Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said;

“We are thrilled to be embarking on this partnership with Phoenix and are excited about the difference that we can make by raising awareness of caring in key areas and improving carers’ lives together.  Caring for older, disabled or ill relatives or friends is an issue that affects millions of people every day, in every part of the UK, in households, places of work and in local communities.

“Most of us will provide care at some point in our lives and it can have a negative impact on our ability to work, our finances, our health and wellbeing and relationships. Yet caring can come as a shock that is often not planned for. With our ageing population this will become increasingly important, not just for carers, but for employers, the economy and society as a whole. That’s what makes this partnership really important and will help to deliver our mission to make life better for carers.”

"Phoenix Group has been working to raise awareness of the challenges faced by working carers and has a taken a number of steps to support its colleagues which it encourages other businesses to consider, too. This includes 10 days of paid carer’s leave, 5 days of unpaid leave, flexible working and a Carers Network for colleagues to discuss problems, support each other and show solidarity for the role they are in."

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