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Carers Active’s online video sessions are an opportunity for carers and the people they care for to access and enjoy a range of movement or stretching based activities. The video sessions below are replays of live Carers Active Share and Learn sessions and can be viewed at any time. You don’t need any special equipment and you can do the sessions from the comfort of your home, at any time that suits you.


Notice on exercise:

Before taking part in physical activity, make sure you have a safe space around you. Take breaks whenever you need to and do as little or as much of the activity as you choose. 

Carers UK or the session facilitator does not accept liability for any injuries caused by participating in the sessions below. If you have any current medical conditions/injuries or are pregnant, you may wish to consult your doctor for specific advice before taking part in the session.

Tai chi

A Tai Chi session with Sandra Shaw, a Clinical Exercise Specialist. Sandra demonstrates simple movements designed to improve mobility, balance and a general sense of wellbeing.


Functional fitness

An inclusive class led by Sophie Tosone that will help improve your mobility, strength and stamina with specific movements which you can use in everyday life. The class is open to all abilities and fitness levels so all you need is your own body and a small space.


Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator leads a 12-minute fun, accessible, and motivating workout for carers, followed by a short Q&A. This session was organised by Carers UK and Age UK Islington.


Active walking

Looking for quick and simple ways to build physical activity into your day? Aimed at all fitness levels, join us for an online walking for fitness session with qualified personal trainer Ben Cucax. You will follow a series of exercises, including warming up and cool down with stretches. This session is supported by Sport England.  


Seated martial arts

Instructor Sifu Nick Martin from Stay Safe Global will help you discover how outer balance and control can be developed through inner focus and breathing exercises. You will be encouraged to create your own internal and external exercise routines and gain confidence through martial skill acquisition exercises. The session is ideal for carers of all levels and fitness.  


Love to Move

Love to Move is a seated exercise programme for fun, social engagement, strength, flexibility and core stability. Love to Move works the brain as well as the body, helping with memory, cognition and wellbeing. Originally designed to benefit people living with dementia, it’s an activity that you can take part in with the person you care for or on your own. You will hear from a carer who joins regular sessions with her husband and an instructor who will give you a taster of the exercises, so make sure you are sitting comfortably!

Beginners Latin dance

Enjoy our first beginners Latin dance session, led by dance teacher Mauricio from Latin Motion. Covering both Bachata and Salsa, this session give beginners a solid base of all the most commonly used steps and turns, helping uplift both your mental and physical wellbeing.


In this second session, Mauricio from Latin Motion gives beginners a solid base for Bachata and Salsa, and a brief introduction to Cha-Cha-Cha.

Seated yoga

Yoga instructor Sangeeta Bhandari provides an introduction to Hatha Yoga breathing techniques and gentle seated exercises.

Nordic Walk Fit

Penny from Ministry of Nordic Walks Community Group leads a fun walking, exercise class you can do at home to help improve your strength, balance and functional fitness as well as bring a smile along the way. This session is appropriate for all activity levels and it will be helpful to have a kitchen chair ready to use as a balance aid.   


Seated boxing

Seated boxing is for all fitness levels. It mainly focuses on the upper body, with punches to an imaginary opponent such as jabs, hooks and uppercuts, all while seated. This session is led by motivating instructor Gil Cruz.

Warm-up with Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator leads a warm-up session with seated options.


Strength and balance

Jack Edgar from Sport for Confidence leads a low-impact strength and balance session.


Tai chi movements for wellbeing

Simple movements designed to improve mobility, balance and general sense of wellbeing led by Sandra Shaw, a Clinical Exercise Specialist.


Healthy eating on a budget

Dietician Kate Hall shares tips for maintaining a healthy diet while on a budget.


Physical activity motivation and goal setting

Dr Patricia Jackman, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, on how to use goals to improve your motivation and physical activity experiences.


Bollywood dance

Gita from Step Change Studios gives an introduction to Bollywood dance.



Isobel Palmer from Lim Studio leads a beginners' session combining elements of yoga and Pilates to help improve flexibility and muscle strength.

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