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Welcome to the Carers Active Hub. This is a resource to help you to increase your activity levels and improve your health and wellbeing.



Based on insight from Carers UK members, this hub can help you overcome some of the barriers you may experience such as finding the time and motivation to take part in physical activity. It is continually refreshed and updated so check back regularly to see the latest inspiration and ideas.

You can pick and choose the areas you wish to explore:

  • Health information – Key recommendations and how to get started
  • Activity ideas – Inspiration and links to resources to help you find something you enjoy
  • Carers’ stories – Carers who have been able to overcome barriers to get active
  • Expert advice – Insight from health and social care professionals

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‘Big questions for Stormont to answer’ over millions in carer benefit overpayments, charity says
10 May 24

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