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Where to find technology

Many local authority social care departments offer technology solutions (they may call them telecare and telehealth), to older and disabled people receiving them as part of their package of care and support. They may also suggest where to find them, or you can use the suggested list below.

How to fund products*

Depending on their financial circumstances some people will have to pay a charge for technology as social care services are means tested.

Access to local authority provided – or funded – technology solutions will normally require a needs assessment and will be subject to you meeting the national eligibility criteria and agreeing with the local authority that these technology solutions are the best way to meet your needs.

Some local authorities also offer technology solutions without the need for a formal assessment, seeing them as a preventative service - in this case the funding would depend on the policy of a local authority.

Technology solutions for monitoring health conditions (often referred to as telehealth) are most often provided through the NHS and, if it is available in their area, people with long-term conditions access it via their GP, community health team or hospital specialists.

However, families can also buy telecare and telehealth products and services directly.

Some of these products qualify for VAT relief, which means that someone with a chronic disability does not have to pay VAT on these products.

*Funding information is valid for England and may differ from nation to nation.

Where to find products

There are website and online retailers/marketplaces that give information, advertise and sell a range of technology products and services relating to a wide number of everyday challenges and health conditions.

Specific products and services can also be found through individual providers.

Online platforms offering advice, information and useful product reviews and comparisons include:

Online marketplaces where you can buy products and services include:

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