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Where do I start and what are my options?


What are my options?

If you're looking to plan a break with professional support in place, it can be hard to know what your options are and where to start. As we know, there is no one shoe-fits-all approach, but it's more often a case of finding out what's available and what would work for you.

Our factsheet can walk you through the many options that are available, whether you want to know more about respite care and if that's applicable to you, or whether you'd prefer to arrange care cover yourself through an agency or the support of family or friends. Or, like Jean and Geoff featured in the film, you may wish to go away together with additional support. 

There are organisations that can help cater for you both. Many specialise in arranging suitable equipment and technology and can provide assistance to anyone with physical or mental disabilities. Towards the end of our factsheet, you will find a list of different organisations that could help.

Getting support

You might also want to find out more about assessments – we provide tailored information about the process, depending on where you're based in the UK on our assessments pages. It's also important to find out what local support is available in your area. A starting point might be contacting your council or health and social care trust (in Northern Ireland) and arranging an assessment. See our local directory to find out what's available where you live. Fellow carers may also be able to help advise you on our forum.  

These considerations may raise further questions around what your rights are and whether there are funding opportunities for you. See out next video to find out more: Funding, sources of support and my rights.

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