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What defines a break and why taking one is important


Introducing breaks

Breaks can take many different forms. It could be a matter of dipping out of your daily routine for half an hour with your favourite novel or your idea of a proper break may involve basking in the sunshine of the tropics (well most of us can dream!).

Whatever type of break would be most practical for you, we hope to shed some light on the ways you can make it possible, however difficult that may seem when all your free minutes seem to be taken up by your caring role or other commitments.

Why is it so important?

The host of benefits that taking a break can bring are well documented. Not only is it imperative for your own health but also, as those featured in the video testify, it can be good for everyone to have a change, including the person you care for. 

As our carers in the video demonstrate, taking a break is about giving yourself a break from the responsibilities of the job at hand rather than taking a break from the person you care for. If you're struggling to justify taking the time out, see our next film: Dealing with feelings of guilt and anxiety

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