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Worried about debt?

Unexpected caring costs can mount up and can all too easily lead to a situation where you find yourself in debt. To get your finances back on track, it’s important to know which organisations you can turn to. We provide trustworthy sources of support and tips on what you can do to overcome any debt problems you or someone you know might be facing. 

If you are in debt

With the pressures of caring for someone, financial issues can creep up on us. Budgets can become especially tight if you’ve given up work or reduced your hours to care. This coupled with the extra costs of disability and ill health can be overwhelming.  

If you’ve just realised that you’re in debt or have been struggling with keeping on top of your finances for a while, it’s important to seek support as soon as possible. Equally if you know someone who is struggling financially, we have some suggestions that could help. 

First steps  

Facing up to debt and money issues can feel daunting. But there is lots of free, confidential help and advice available, so there's no need to pay a debt management company or agency to sort out your money worries. Beware of loan sharks looking to take advantage of people in a vulnerable situation. 

It's really important that you check your entitlement to disability and carers' benefits, and your employment rights if you are in paid work and caring. The charity Turn2us has an online benefits calculator you could try out or you could arrange a benefits check with one of our advisers by emailing You may also be able to get a grant for help with certain expenses – see our Grants section. 

Most importantly, don’t delay seeking help. You can contact these organisations for free and confidential debt and money advice: 


If you are based in Scotland, the following organisations may be able to help: 

For guidance on your employment rights, please refer to our  Your work and career  section. 

For information about disability and carers’ benefits, please see our  Help with benefits  section for people who are ill, disabled or injured. 

Northern Ireland

If you are based in Northern Ireland, the following charities may be able to help:

Coping with overwhelming feelings

If you are feeling particularly stressed about your financial situation and any problems it’s causing, it is important not to shoulder the responsibility alone and open up about it. Reach out and seek professional support. This NHS page lists the many sources of specialist support that will help you get through it.

If you feel very low, you can contact the Samaritans on 116 123 at anytime or email


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