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Getting smart with forms and applying for benefits

If you find just the thought of filling in a form off putting, you are not alone

There are many people who worry that the application process is too complicated and time-consuming, but there are some useful ways to break it down and approach it in an easier way to increase your chances of having a positive outcome.

This animated guide offer five top tips to help break down the process so that it's more manageable:

1/ Finding time (0.23)
2/ Doing some prep (0.56)
3/ Getting to grips with the detail (1.23)
4/ Keeping a diary (1.47)
5/ Understanding how evidence helps (2.07)

Seeking more specific help?

Liz, from our Carers UK Helpline team, uses her professional knowledge and former full-time caring experience to share guidance about filling in welfare benefits forms (information correct at time of recording - July 2022).

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