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Selling an electric adjustable bed. - Carers UK Forum

Selling an electric adjustable bed.

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Any suggestions please. My mum bought a new double bed two months ago, all singing all dancing. It's electric, head and foot end adjust up and down etc.
The problem arises cos now we are moving her to warden assisted flat, and there is only room for a single bed. So we have to sell the double, and buy a single. Any ideas where the best place to sell would be?
Hi Helena

I guess it depends on time scale. You could try Gumtree or if you are just hoping someone will take it away and not worried about getting any money back for it then freecycle should get a quick and immediate response. The sad fact is with a second hand bed that you are unlikely to recover most of the cost even if it has had hardly any use.
I suppose there is good old ebay and you could advertise it either as a buy it now or an auction listing but that may be a longer process and you must remember the all important Buyer collects button.
You could always try a card in a local post office window where there might be a flow of elderly customers or a big superstore with huge footfall. I think some do paid adverts and it might just catch someone's eye.
Hi Helena

I was in a similar situation with my mother a few years ago and in the end we donated it along with some other stuff to a local charity.

However, in this instance i'm doing some research for a disabled friend who has decided that he'd benefit massively from having an electrically adjustable bed at home, similar to the one he found so comfortable during his last hospital visit.

If you'd like to PM me some details about the type of bed it is and what you might want for it, i'd be happy to consider mentioning it to him and perhaps working out something that's mutually beneficial.

best wishes,

Do adjustable beds use a lot of electricity?
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