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Not sure if this the right area for this post. My husband is incontinent at night. He wear pull on protective pants and I also protect to bed with a disposable sheets, and his pillows also have protective covers ,however I’m woken during the night as he is soaked through , and I need to change him , wash him, and change the bedding. What am I doing wrong. I’m exhausted with this nightly problem.
Hi, do you know if there is a continence nurse in your area? I remember using this for my brother, who was bedridden. It took ages to locate this nurse and she came and advised.
What we used was a system instead of a catheter, which consisted of a system pulled on and attached to a bag that collected the urine. The bag was hung on the side of the bed. It wasn't an indwelling catheter. I can't remember the name of the system but I think there must be newer ones. I don't know if this would work or be necessary for your husband.
Hi Angela,

I hope you are able to track down the incontinence nurse - they are very knowledgeable.

In the meantime take a look at this https://www.ageukincontinence.co.uk/mal ... -24mm.html
I think this might be what Greta is referring too.

Melly, mine really was called a continence nurse, not an incontinence nurse! A bit like the use of the term 'mental health' when it isn't... and I remember now, my neighbour across the road turned out to be an ex-continence nurse, but why the GP couldn't trace them I have no idea. It occurs to me that the device is also called a sheath.
Request a referral to a urology clinic.