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Help!! Mum is 88, I am 68 and she only wants me!! - Page 23 - Carers UK Forum

Help!! Mum is 88, I am 68 and she only wants me!!

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Hi Joanne and welcome to the forum, It's nice to hear about your positive experience here.

If you ever want to chat to other carers online we run weekly Zoom meet-ups where carers take a bit of time for themselves to meet informally and take a a break together. We get very good feedback on these sessions and you'd be very welcome to join us. Sign up is here:

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ne-meetups

Best wishes

Hi Jane,

Thank you for that recommendation, much appreciated.

Emma I have started a new thread for you here https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... 01#p447501

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Hello everyone. Joan here. My mum sadly passed away on 6th August and luckily I was with her at the end. She was cared for her in her last year's by wonderful staff and whilst she was very unhappy at the beginning of her stay in care she eventually seemed to accept the situation and became more cheerful even in the days of lockdown!

Anyway this is just to thank you all for the support you have given me over these past years since I first posted on Carers UK.

Wishing you all a very happy 2022.

Love from Joan xx
Hi Joan,

lovely that you popped in to update us all.

Sorry that your Mum has passed away, but glad she settled into the care home and also you were with her at the end.

Here's hoping 2022 steadily improves despite the anticipated shaky start.

Hello Joan
Am sorry that your Mom passed away. Am pleased she settled in at the home.
I hope you are adjusting to the situation.
Take care and keep in touch if you can
Hi Joan, good to hear from you.
How are you feeling now? I remember how difficult things were.
Hopefully you will manage a good holiday at last?
Hello bowling bun, Pet and Melly,

Thank you for your kind messages.
I am fine thank you. I think of mum every day and often have a good cry. But in a way it was a relief when the end came, although I am still trying to get used to reorganising my day. No more rushing round doing jobs at home/doing mum's washing and ironing before going out to visit her. (I did her laundry because the home kept shrinking stuff ...they do everything on 60 degrees!!!😅. )

Can now concentrate on me and hubby and more visits by to my daughter who lives fifty miles away.

I've also volunteered to work in our local hospital cafe one morning a week so am looking forward to 'giving something back' as it were.

Will keep "popping in" to this forum to see how you are all doing. Pity we don't all live in the same area then we could meet up for coffee!!

So cheerio for now. Hope that you've all managed to stay away from Covid and are keeping in good health.

Love Joan xx
Your Mum is at rest now and it sounds like you are learning to get on with life post-caring. I hope memories of the happy times you and your Mum shared are now the most predominant ones. Spending more time with your family and doing some volunteering sounds great. Be lovely if you could pop in now and again - both sharing regarding restarting an everyday life post caring and also supporting other carers who also have relatives who only want them.

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