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switching over carers allowance from one person to another - Carers UK Forum

switching over carers allowance from one person to another

All about money
Hello!Just wandered if anyone could help me please. Basically I live with my partner and his nan since last October. They both are only family they got as each others (his mum left him as a baby, nan brought him up). He is claiming CA although his parents has been deducted over last couple of months as he owes money for some fines or something so he gets now £29 a week. Like av mentioned we all live since last October and in practice it is me who looks after nan. she is 85 yrs old, has minor health problems plus she started with dementia as well. I don't work and am not claiming anything. I help nan with showers, cool, clean, take her frequently to warfrin clinic, dispense her meds etc. I used to work in care home so av got experience how to look after elderly person. Also my partner has gone to prison about 10 days ago and will be there for 8 weeks. He's happy for me to switch CA from him to myself. Av had a look online I can report changes in circumstances for him and report he isn't caring for nan nomore. Do I report it from the day he's been sentenced down or can I put for instance 01.04.2016 as he really not been here much lately and also would I get a backpayment if I put the 01.04.2016 as a date I started looking after nan? Can anyone tell me what is the best way of doing this please ? I realise he'll has to pay back whatever he recieved by then but like av mentioned is only £29 pw so if I'd get back payment that would be more help for us. We are left in pretty poor situation as he had a car crash meaning I no longer use it to take nan doctors etc. and am gonna need more money for taxis. Also am planning to start claiming income support, do I claim this first or cares allowance?? Also if I start any of those claims can I apply for crisis loan straight away? Me and nan are left in pretty rubbish situation and it is in fact me caring for her, not him so I want to sort it out properly. I would be greatful for any advice on this. Thanks Margaret
Hi Margaret. I suggest you ring the carers helpline 0808 808 7777 as you need advice on a number of issues. If you can't get through email them but they are very busy so may take a couple of days to get back to you. You could also try phoning the DWP benefits line who can offer financial advice. Good luck X
Hi Lesley,
I'll give them a ring and see what they suggest. Also think am gonna start income support claim now as it won't affect carers allowance as far as am concerned.
Thanks x
Can anyone tell me how do they know my bf is in prison?? I haven't informed them but when I rang CA asking why they stopped payment into his account kind lady said he's in HMP isn't he? She also knew exact date. What baffles me that exactly year ago he also done 13 weeks in and he was still getting payed?? So where's the logic in here? I have only post here all info but obv without any personal details. Anyone can tell me pls?
Hello, welcome to the forum. I think that there is probably an advice line for families of people in prison. Might be worth asking, as there may be special benefit arrangements under these circumstances?
I always take the view that it's best to put in a claim asap, if you are not entitled for any reason, they will soon tell you. So put in your Income Support and Carers Allowance claim immediately, and send it first class post. It will be backdated to the day of your claim, but will take a few weeks to process.
You should also contact Social Services to do a Needs Assessment for Nan, and a Carers Assessment for yourself. Both look at what help and support you both need. If Nan needs a lot of care, then they can either arrange that care for you, or suggest other ways they can help.
It is really important that Nan pays for things she needs, like taxis, it is not your responsibility to do this. I'm wondering if Nan is claiming everything which she is entitled to? If your partner was claiming Carers Allowance presumably she receives Attendance Allowance?
Thank u for reply bowlingbun!
Yes I have spoke to carer ppl regarding my bf first, said he was in hospital and could they tell me why his payment was stopped. So this nice lady after checking all details said isn't he in HMP!!?? Awkward!!! Thing is if he would still receiving CA I wouldn't bother as av got his bank card and was allowed to use it with his permission. But now it's been nearly 4 weeks since we had last payment. Also I did ask that lady when I was on the phone to send me claim pack as av had trouble doing it online. It was over week ago and nothing arrived yet. I will try again online as av got internet access now. And also last Thursday I have rang to claim Income Support. At first the man said I wasn't entitled but av mentioned I am in process of claiming CA so that was 180°turn and he started claim with me over the phone. I found this gentleman very unhelpful. Asked me when did I wanted claim to start? So av asked what did it mean (I was suspecting I was allowed back date it but he wouldn't explain anything, didn't inform me I could get it backdated so I just left it. I have got app at Job Centre today at 4 pm so I see how it will go. And like av said am gonna claim online CA now but I will put the date when he got arrested (for my claim to start) . And yes Nan gets attendance allowance so I think I should be ok. She gets pension as well so we are managing between us both. Anyway thank u for ur help.
Make sure you speak to or email the Carers UK helpline - our very own service. I think it would help you sort out the various things you are dealing with at the moment.

This is different from ringing the Carers Allowance Unit.
Thanks bowlingbun, I will! I used to work in care home, also was working with ppl with dementia so av got plenty of experience when it comes to caring for nan also from mental side so feel pretty confident. Just want to sort it out properly cos like av mentioned before it was struggle with money for a bit when we needed go out doctors in taxis etc. hopefully I'll sort it finally.