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Grants for decorating - Carers UK Forum

Grants for decorating

All about money
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Well how can i start this. Have spent the last 3 days painting the flat that me and my partner live in and have come across a massive financial hurdle.

Spent all day yesterday and all day today shopping around and pricing up carpets. For our small flat its looking to cost between £600-£700 pound in carpets + fitting. The carpets are nothing fancy at the cheapest price of £6 per meter-2 and its going to cost a that much. I can remember getting my old house before i moved in with my partner only 6 years ago (2 bedroom, staircase, long hallway, landing and front room + vynal flooring in the bathroom) for cheaper over £200 cheaper.

Im only trying to carpet one bedroom, frontroom and a small hallway not a mansion. Im not sure if its the same for everywhere but the local council here no longer do decorating grants (she never had one when she moved here) or any other help. As far as im awhere even the dwp no longer do grants for budgeting loans.

My partner that i care for is stressing but im manageing to keep her calm.

Is there anywhere that anyone can think of that i may not have done?
Mmmm ... I will assume not owned or privately rented ( Standard AST agreement would rule out improvements without the landlords consent ... dead money anyway ! ) ... rented from a housing association / local authority / housing cooperative ?

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housi ... rovements/

https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_ ... provements
Sorry i forgot to say we are in a local Housing Association home
In which case , the two links supplied as a guide will help.

Failing that , your bank / credit union or credit card perhaps ?

If you come across any applying to the private rented sector , please let me know.

I would then gladly email the links onto most of the BTL landlords 'round 'ere as a " Gentle " reminder as to the conditions encountered by their tenants.
Have you thought about advertising for a carpet on Freecycle?
there might be something available here

The other thing I should have asked, is whether or not you are sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to? Perhaps ring the CUK helpline (email if you can't get through) to have a complete benefits check?