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Failed PIP Assessment For Mobility (with Rheumatoid Arthritis / Fibromyalgia) -Carers UK Forum

Failed PIP Assessment For Mobility (with Rheumatoid Arthritis / Fibromyalgia)

All about money
Hi everyone
I look after my 91 year old Mum who has her own major health issues but I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis / Fibromyalgia, Under Active Thyroid, currently Severe Depression caused by DWP Benefits Re-organisation, Heart Problems and generally need shooting and rebuilding.
In November I got the letter telling me that my DLA (middle rate care / full rate mobility) which had been "indefinitely" awarded was going to stop and I had to apply for PIP
A couple of days before Christmas I got the brilliant letter from DWP that my application for PIP had failed for mobility and I get nothing for that which is a major blow because I am riddled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia - walking means my legs literally go on fire especially my knees and I keep having to stop and rest after walking a few yards.
I trudged along to my lovely lady at the Citizens Advice Bureau who helped me fill in the forms and low and behold I had to go for Assessment 34 miles away at a hospital.
My car has all sorts of gadgets to help me drive, and it took me to the hospital door. I wandered in the doorway and saw a door to my right stating Community Services but it had a coded lock and there was nobody around to ask if I could go through it.
As I had past an "Ambulance Only Entrance" which also had Reception inside it about 100 yards before I drove round to that entrance, parked the car and went in to ask where the Assessment Unit was. I was told it was way down a corridor, round some corners, through double doors etc.
So, with my stick I set off slowly (very slowly) struggling and walking down this long corridor. Eventually after going through double doors I ended up...............on the other side of the door which had the coded lock and nobody around to ask where to go.
Essentially that door was just a few yards from my car and the Assessment Unit Office was just the other side of the door from my car - if there had been a notice guiding me to the Assessment Office or telling me where to go to access the door I would have been there in 2 minutes - Unbelievable.
After walking down all the corridors my knees, legs and feet were, and Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers will understand, on fire.
The lady told me to sit down.
Then called me in and proceeded to ask me questions. At one point when I broke down in floods of tears asking if I wanted to stop the Assessment.
After examining me physically that was that and I went home.
Now I have received notification from DWP that actually I am physically fit, well and healthy - mainly because I had driven to the Assessment on my own and walked down that long corridor "without problems"
I had explained to the Assessor that normally my Daughter (who helps me get bathed, administers my injections, and supports me) would have taken me but she is a Nurse and had been on Night Shift.
As my appointment was 8.45 am I would have set off driving to the appointment before she had done the "Hand Over to Day Staff Meeting" and got herself home. Plus she was on night shift again that night and needed to sleep.
Due to the fact that if you cancel or do not go to the appointment your PIP application would be affected I had decided to take myself (despite the struggle and problems I have to handle)
Further the letter says that I am quite able to get around, use public transport etc - I live in the countryside, in order to access the somewhat unrealiable bus service I have to walk a good 30 minutes - it would be more 45 minutes for me - up my lane and up a hill just to get to the bus stop.
Going uphill or up stairs is a no go area for me and I had explained that to the Assessor.
I just give up - if I didn't need support to get around I would just say keep your damn PIP
The Government has sold disabled people up the river without a paddle! I am seriously very unhappy about everything.
Sorry to rant - but I fail to understand how someone who Assessors had previously deemed physically unfit and needed Full Rate Mobility Support indefinitely is now totally fit, well, physically able and does not need that support.
On that note I will go for a three hour hike in the countryside and go to climb a mountain (I will take lots of Paraceamol, Ibruprofen and lots of Morphine to damn the extreme pain - enjoy your day everyone x

I will have to contact my lady at the Citizens Advice Bureau for her to help me appeal this decision
Be sure to ask DWP for a copy of the assessors FULL medical report. I suspect it may be less than perfect! Over 50% of appeals are successful, so be sure to appeal, and be very careful not to miss any of the deadlines for returning forms.
Did they watch you walk down the corridor? If not, how can they say you had no problems? Have they walked with you to the bus stop and accompanied you on a bus? If not how can they say you can do it easily? Can they list the gadgets in your car which enable you to drive? If so they know your difficulties, if not what do the think they know?
Maybe you can use that in your appeal?
It's ridiculous that you have to go through this and I don't think they have any right to make judgements without full knowledge and understanding which they patently do not.
Angry for you.
Thank you for your message and guidance - I am going to telephone the PIP Office tomorrow and ask for the Atos Assessors report to be sent to me.
I have already left a message on my Citizens Advice Lady's answerphone about it
I forgot to mention that the DWP letter states that apparently I communicated clearly - so how come after I had struggled and stuttered my way through it the Assessor asked if my GP had referred me to a speech therapist.
I stutter terribly when talking to strangers and I am under pressure (comes from 2 mental breakdowns in the past)
To answer Elaine's questions - the Assessor nor the DWP adjudicator watched me walking - the only people who saw me struggling walking down the corridor were 2 x nurses who asked if I was alright and 2 x cleaners who asked if I knew where I was going - on both occasions I told everybody to treat me like a roundabout because I walk so slowly.
As a Christmas present I have to say that the letter just made me feel as if I had been kicked in the stomach and my family could not understand why I was so upset.
Never mind onwards and upwards - thank you so much for writing with your suggestions.
Best wishes x
a friend of mine was recently screwed by ATOS who stated in there report ,, she was a perfectly fit and able woman who was just acting pathetic seeking attention.
she appealed and it was then passed onto that other company who took over from ATOS , she got them to agree to come to her home, because they have no transport and she sufferers from ME which when it hits hard it has her bed bound for a week.
the so called medical experts who claimed to have 4 dr's diplomas stated ( 2 nurses showed up ) "" mrs........ is absolutely not crippled by illness by any stretch of the imagination purely seeking attention and is able to work 9 - 5 7 days a week.
Now my friend is in her mid 70's for a start ,, but none the less she appealed and was back and forth to court a total of 5 times in the end the judge agreed that she was perfectly fit and able, and clearly was not entitled to any form of benefits. :roll: :roll: .
she has given up fighting now , but thankfully a little luck came her way money wise , and she does not have to worry for 2 years at least. by then she is hoping her health will be so bad they will have no choice but give her disability.
she said the worst part of it was ,, the judge suggested that the medical proof she provided by her Dr' and specialist at the hospital were clearly "" fabricated "" or embellished slightly.