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This is the reality for patients - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

This is the reality for patients

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Social Services social workers shouldn't even be involved until after a CHC Assessment has been done.
If they've done one without involving you, first ask for a copy of the one they did, and then point out that it was done unlawfully as you were not involved!

CHC is funded by the NHS, it used to be under the CCCG but after yet another organisation, I have no idea where the responsibility now lies.

When looking at costs, it would be much, much cheaper for care to be arranged at home, than in a hospital but it would have to be by people with nursing qualifications on a regular basis given the complexity of his ailments.
I got a call out of the blue from a woman who told me she is new in post at the rehab hospital and her job is to support carers and family members during discharge process. We had a long chat and she sent me a link to local resource of private carers. I have now spoken to 2 people but they both have full time jobs and do private care as well so have little to offer right now. I now know we will need a team of carers as it’s 7 days a week .
Anyway my husband sadly has deteriorated after being in resus and when I spoke to senior nurse she confirmed this.
The woman I spoke to attends the weekly meetings where they discuss patients and she will feed back to me to see if I can be trained to hoist, not my preferred option but I’m hoping we can find one carer at least. Good to have a support dedicated to carers. I’m also meeting with local AM who represents constituents at the Senedd and our MP week after .

I’m not coping well feel sad and crying a lot as no carers to be found . Been over 9 months try and stay positive but hard when he’s so weak and hardly can chat anymore. Back on morphine not good
SW back this week and will call him. Pursuing CHC and told senior nurse with his rapid decline this needs to be looked at again.
I just wanted to update
My husband passed away on October 1 st after being in two A and E ‘S . One of which was alarmingly lacking in resources all round.
We are all thankful that he was able to return to where he had been for 9 months to die. He was extremely well cared for and this was essential ,he died of kidney failure and a bleed on the brain.
He never came home because of the lack of carers and this of course is another thing I have to process. He definitely was despite all his health issues well enough to come home in June last year. I have a meeting on line with the health board to discuss my concerns. House was adapted and I tried to do everything to get him home.

So no longer a carer .
Wanted to thank everyone for all their support over the years
Ruth, I am so, so sorry to read your news.

You were a wonderful wife and carer, but right now you must be utterly exhausted and bereft.

After I was widowed I found an online forum called "Way Up" for widows, friendly like this one. It will help you as you start to recover, but remember that our Carers UK forum is for former carers, as well as existing carers.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.

I'm so, so sorry to hear this. You were so proactive in preparing for your husband to come home and it is tragic that such a shortage of paid carers meant this never happened.

My heart goes out to you.

Thank goodness he was well cared for and made comfortable in his final days.

You are now a former carer - and you are very welcome to seek support on the forum.

So sorry for your loss Ruth and that you couldn't get your husband home, that must be so galling.
Nonetheless he had the best of care, you were not struggling together at home being fobbed off by everyone.
I hope you can find comfort in the care you gave him and all the happy memories you made together prior to all of this.
So sorry to hear your news, Ruth.

Take good care of yourself: and as Melly1 said, you're more than welcome to come here for support.