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Bidding on housing association properties. - Carers UK Forum

Bidding on housing association properties.

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I have bid on a bungalow property through 'Devon Home Choice', early yesterday. I was the second person to bid, yet on looking last night, I see I was 5th position and today I am 7th position. Does that mean that others above me have a greater need? ie: Down sizing from another property, or having greater physical needs than us two? Maybe just being on the list longer than us?

If thats the case, we'll have a heck of a wait I reckon. Image
I don't know how it works now Pete. It did used to be they looked at all the applications and allocated on the most need.
Maybe all that means is that people are bidding and each new bid pushes you further down the list of bidders? But not necessarily the priority list??
Ah thanks Myrtle, that makes sense.
I have just noticed that in the few minutes that this post has been on here, 5 people have viewed it!
Seems we're very popular Pete! Image Image Image
Just had to edit that from 90 to 5. I was looking at the post above. Silly Billy. Image
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I think that it probably depends on how many points based on need you have been allocated, the more points the higher in the bidding order.
Yes I think Parsifal may be right. That is way our system works for our area. They tell us it can take around 18months generally before we get a viewing providing we have high points - anyone in the lower banding gets to wait much longer.
Good luck and keep bidding.
We are in band ''B'' which is very high. ''A'' being the highest band.

Nobody mentioned points to me when I phoned them about how it all worked.

I am still waiting to hear from Warwickshire County Council. I sent all the stuff off to get on their register as Jill wanted to go back home. It said 21 days before you heard from them. It's been 23 days but thats counting weekends. Not sure I ever want to return up there, but we'll see when we go for a holiday on the 20th April.
Our area now does the pointing system which takes into consideration 'connections' which means if you havea connection in that area you getmore points. Being in the second banding is quite good i think, so keep checking and bidding you will come in lucky eventually. Image