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New rules allow 16 to 18-year-olds to become carers - Carers UK Forum

New rules allow 16 to 18-year-olds to become carers

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Under new government regulations, trained and supervised 16–18 year olds will be allowed to provide personal care.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) and the Department of Health (DH) have jointly developed a more flexible approach to care provision.

The DH's National Minimum Standards (NMS) previously stated that staff providing personal care to service users must be aged 18. The new arrangements will therefore bring more young people into the care industry.

The new guidelines also state that care homes must fulfill appropriate regulations and the person receiving care must have their choices respected as far as possible regarding who performs the tasks for them.

Care workers under 18 who want to deliver personal care must have completed, or be undertaking, the Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care and have proven their competence to carry out tasks.

Paragon Skills for Industry, a local apprenticeship provider, has welcomed the announcement. Its care programmes' director, Carolyn Maple, said: "This is a new and exciting opportunity for employers in the care sector to take on keen young people who are looking to start a career in health and social care.

"Previously, opportunities for 16–17 year olds were limited because of the regulations that govern care homes.

"Now we are anticipating an increase in the number of young people who approach us for a career in this rewarding and growing sector. Employers need to take advantage of this new source of potential employees."
Who on this earth can see working in a care / rest home straight from school as a good career move ? as a full time carer i would never advise any one to even think about such a move the job will be done on the cheap, no doubt some private firm will make money out of their training as someone who has worked as a carer within my family my advice to any one still at school is stick in get some exam results and dont even think about care work we know someone has to do this work but iam afraid it should not be kids straight from school .

I know a few young people who have chosen to go into the care industry-- NOT because they are keen to do it, but because it's an easy option. Some of them have done work experience as care workers and found it to be easy.

In the words of one of them--" if you don't fancy doing something , you just say it's health and safety ""

Standards of care are below animal rights standard now-- God knows what this will lead to..
This is not about easy options so much as the recruitment problems in the care "industry".

And of course the much lower minimum wage for under 21s, and especially those under 18. Which is what this is REALLY about.
It will also solve the government's problem in meeting its target to reduce the number of NEETS, young people not in education, employment or training, personally I wouldn't want to be cared for or have a member of my family cared for by a teenager who is only doing the job not because they want to but because they were forced into it so that the government could meet a target.
No one under 18 should be permitted to become personal carers in my opinion.
My daughter turned 18 three months ago. She has become very mature lately, but certainly would not have been able to cope with the care needs of disabled people prior to about one month ago. She is working in childcare, and has had to be overseen with every area of personal care possible.

I consider her to be fairly sensible for her age, due to the fact she has had to grow up with a father and brother who have disabilities,but I know of friends of hers even now, who would not have the maturity and respect for peoples needs.

My neighbour is 86 and lives alone. She has a system on her door, where people can type in a code to get in. She hates it, because all the young staff that go into her, never knock first. She says all of the older staff from a care agency tend to knock, prior to opening the door. I always phone before I go into her. She misses her privacy more than anything.

So, much as I think teenagers have a bad press, I really think that the law should not allow them to work intimately with disabled people until they are adults. Image
What i was trying to say and i made a mess of it it`s not that 16-18 year olds cant do the job my point was i dont think its a job for teenagers at all looking after elderly people in my opinion is not for them most teenagers have got brains and should use them in a real job not just cleaning bums and feeding old folks .

My friend had to pay an Agency for a Carer to come and help with showering her husband. Pam did all the work, then turned to the young girl for help in getting Malcolm out of the shower. The girl was standing outside the bathroom with the towel! She said she couldn't do it as she had never seen a naked man before Image Hard to believe in this day and age, but absolutely true. How do they train these young girls?
I have a friend who is an assesor for paid care workers re their nvq's etc.
She is horrified at this.
She pointed out many scenarios where 'children' could be subject to a form of sexual abuse should they be forced to provide intimate care for some people.
Its very wrong and should not be allowed just because of the lack of people willing to enter the care services.
No child should be subject to a situation obviously open to a form of sexual abuse allowed by the state.
I know of a 50 yr old lady who was a paid care worker visiting disabled people in ther homes, she left the profession because a man she had to visit spent his days on the computer on porn sites and waited for the lady to wash him when she visited.
No child should be expected to cope with scenarios like this.
Carers Uk should make this a big issue and stop it before it begins. Please will you protect our young carers from this happening Cuk?