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Medication management

If you’re caring for someone who takes medication, managing what they take can be stressful, especially if you’re not always around to make sure they take it and take the right dose at the right time. There are devices that can help you and give you reassurance when you can’t be there.

What are they?

These devices remind the person to take their medication. They can also issue the correct dosage at the right time. Many modern devices have safety locks to prevent overmedicating. Alerts can be sent to you (and other contacts) when the medication has not been taken.

Who are they for?

People who take medication regularly and especially for those who may forget to take their medication at the right time.

Where to get them

  • Specialist health and care product providers (incl. online retailers/marketplaces)
  • Other online retailers/marketplaces
  • Independent product providers
  • Pharmacies
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