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TENA is our latest partner and the global market leader for incontinence products with 60 years of experience, frequently working closely with unpaid carers and their loved ones.

Carers UK are supporting TENA with their #NoLoveLikeIt campaign to help drive greater awareness and shine a light on the many faces of family caregivers in the UK and their daily reality of looking after a loved one, in the hope that this awareness will help families prepare for caring by getting the support they need far earlier.


Millions of people around the world care for a loved one, as many as 1 in 5 of us having regular caring duties. In the UK specifically, more than 5.7 million people care for a loved one, and the number of people providing unpaid care is expected to rise dramatically, with most of us likely to provide some sort of care in our lives. Even though caring impacts so many people, the scale of the issue of unpaid caring is often underestimated and while family carers do what they do out of love, they feel unseen, unrecognized and unsupported. 

New research from TENA has found that half of the UK feel unprepared to become a family carer and over two fifths (44%) don't think there is any support available for people looking after a loved one. That is why TENA, together with Carers UK, is launching the #NoLoveLikeIt campaign in the UK, to help unpaid carers feel seen and try to encourage better understanding and support for anyone caring for a loved one.

#NoLoveLikeIt is the first TENA campaign to feature the voices and stories of real-life carers and their lived experiences of family care.   

The film shows the unique and emotional experiences of family caregiving, in a raw and authentic way, including the reality of tasks family caregivers undertake on daily basis. The film was developed with insight from real family caregivers and portrays the reality of caring in a way that hasn’t been done before. TENA worked with director Darius Marder who has experience of being a family carer, which created a genuine understanding and connection between the carers and Darius, resulting in a raw, unfiltered, and honest depiction of the caring experience.  

To find out more about the #NoLoveLikeIt campaign please click here



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