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The Digital Resource for Carers brings together a number of specially designed digital products and online resources, to help organisations provide comprehensive information and support for carers.

With demand for care rising as budgets are being squeezed, we are all looking for effective and affordable ways to improve the lives of carers.

We use over 50 years' experience to help organisations deliver quality support services that will help carers manage caring responsibilities alongside work and family life.

We believe that technology has a vital role to play in supporting carers and digital solutions can prove both cost effective and highly beneficial.

That is why we have developed our Digital Resource - a suite of digital products and online resources to help you get the best results for carers.

To find out more about the Digital Resource for Carers or to discuss your specific requirements contact us at


If your local authority or employer is already subscribed to the Digital Resources for Carers then you can register here using their Free Access Code. If you are unsure whether your local authority is subscribed then please check here. If you are unsure if your employer is subscribed then please contact your HR team. 


Find out more about the Digital Resource for Carers

What is the Digital Resource for Carers?

The Digital Resource for Carers can support prevention and help carers before they reach crisis point, offering real value for money in tight times.

What resources are included?

Give carers free access to a range of essential online resources delivered on a custom-made, joint-branded platform. Then use the platform to promote your own support for carers.

Personalise your Digital Resource for Carers

While Carers UK has 50 years of experience in the issues affecting carers, local service providers are, of course, experts in their own areas.

Who offers the Digital Resource for Carers?

View a list of service providers currently offering the Digital Resource to carers in their area.

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