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From wellbeing activities such as yoga and mindfulness to carer information sessions run by our Helpline advisers, there's something for everyone. We add new sessions every week so keep an eye on this page for more!

Please note that all our sessions have automated closed captions from Rev.



April sessions

In this Yoga session you will be taken through gentle stretches to relieve your physical stress, breathing techniques to promote calmness, yoga poses to improve posture, and periods of meditation for relaxation. Sangeeta is an experienced yoga teacher who has trained for many years in India and taught worldwide. She will guide you through a different themed class each time, enhancing your understanding and experience of the holistic practice of Yoga. Sangeeta‘s practice focuses on a moving meditation with dynamic and static postures, that allow the body, mind, and breath to become one through explorative yoga poses, chanting, pranayama, meditation, and Yoga-Nidra. No previous experience necessary. Booking is limited to 30 participants. 

Join Sandra Shaw for a session of simple movements designed to improve mobility, balance and a general sense of well-being.

Sandra Shaw is a Clinical Exercise Specialist having trained and worked within all the London teaching hospitals within cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Sandra developed the balance and bone health service for Wandsworth NHS.  Sandra has now developed a specialist exercise service to help older adults with chronic health conditions and poor balance within Wandsworth and she has recently become involved with teaching and delivering exercise on the Diabetes Program for Guys and St Thomas’s Foundation Trust. Book here

Over 6 sessions, Sara Challice uses insight, strategies and psychology to help you empower yourself as a carer and improve your wellbeing. Have you felt isolated and lonely whilst caring? In this session, Sara looks at some great ways to put the feelers out to ensure you have the right support. She shares a great ‘A-ha’ moment with an analogy that helped her on becoming more resilient. She also looks at simple psychology when dealing with conflicts. Book here 

Join Rachel from Step Change Studios for an uplifting musical theatre dance class to the music of 'Mama Mia'. This fun, inclusive session is for all abilities. We'll start with a warm up before learning an easy-to-follow routine, and then finish with a cool down. Feel free to sing along! No dance experience required. Book here

Join us on Friday 26th April for the 2024 Healthathon event, an inclusive and fun live virtual event which encourages unpaid carers to focus on their health and wellbeing. The event enables carers to enjoy exploring different ways to support good health and wellbeing, to build confidence, and increase motivation to continue to be physically active after the event. Carers can drop in and out as suits and sessions will be recorded and shared after the event. This year attendees can part in sessions including energising fitness, food for fuel, and dance! There will also be the chance to connect with other carers during the event. Book here

May sessions

If your caring role changes or ends, you may decide you want to return to work.  Join us for an information and advice session on employability skills and how to identify and showcase your skills when applying for work.  We'll be joined by Sophie O'Brien from Pollen Careers who will be sharing some top tips and advice to help you build confidence and find work that suits you. Book here

Over 6 sessions, Sara Challice uses insight, strategies and psychology to help you empower yourself as a carer and improve your wellbeing. How is your mental and physical health? In this session, Sara looks at ‘caregivers burnout’ and why carers need to take extra care of themselves. She also discusses your survival mechanism, which may be draining you. Finally, discover great research on caregivers from a Nobel prizewinner, as well as looking at improving the quality of your sleep. Book here

Join us and coaches Rachael Wyartt and Priya Shah for a session looking at what stress is, the affects it has on us and our bodies, and how we might be able to manage it with kindness.  This informative and interactive session will look at the how acts of kindness can produce positive, physiological changes in the body to help overcome some of the effects of stress.  The session will look at the importance of being kind to yourself and seeing the kindness in what you do.  There'll be time for questions, and for you to share any thought you have. Book here

To mark Dementia Action Week, we're holding a film screening and discussion of the short film Let's Dance Again produced by Donna Marie.  Let's Dance Again revolves around William, who lives with Alzheimer's and his niece Esme, who is new to caring for him.  It explores how the characters learn to cope with one another and shows the powerful connection music has with memory.  Following the screening, we'll have an open discussion with the producer Donna, and there'll be plenty of time for you to ask questions and share your own reflections and experiences. Book here

Over 6 sessions, Sara Challice uses insight, strategies and psychology to help you empower yourself as a carer and improve your wellbeing. Many carers endure life, but this is not beneficial for either you or those around you. Sara looks at ensuring your self-care and why it is important to focus on the good stuff. She also explores mindfulness and the importance of ‘me time’. In this session, you’ll dive deeper and look at the ’D word’. Book here


Note on signing up to our sessions

Our Share and Learn events are generally bookable via Zoom. Once you have registered by clicking the "Book here" option of the session you wish to attend, you will be sent a confirmation email with a Zoom "join meeting" link. Please note you may not receive your link straight away. If you have registered during the weekend or during out of office hours, you will receive a confirmation email as soon as possible. You will need to register for each Share and Learn individually.


Session recordings

To help more carers enjoy the benefits of Share and Learn, some sessions will be recorded. Only the speaker/facilitator’s section will be publicly shared. If you do not wish to be recorded, you are welcome to turn off your camera/audio during this part of the session.


Want to chat with other carers?

As well as Share and Learns, we run weekly online Care for a Cuppa sessions, where you can meet other carers, share experiences and find mutual support. 

Carers Scotland and Carers Northern Ireland also run Care for a Cuppa sessions for carers based in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Our sessions across the UK

Relaxation classes for carers in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Feeling stressed but struggle to find time to relax? Our relaxation classes for carers take place on alternate Wednesday/Thursday evenings each week at 7pm via Zoom. If you wish to register for a class or for more information, please email


Me Time for carers in Wales

Our Me Time sessions run by Carers Wales are a series of online activities to support your wellbeing. Activities range from practical advice on carers' rights and caring, to emotional and physical wellbeing sessions like mindfulness and dance, to creative opportunities like crafting and cooking. See what's on.


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Watch Share and Learn in your own time

You can now catch up with previous Share and Learn sessions on our videos page.

Carer roadshows

Carers UK is travelling across England and Wales to meet local carers, share updates on what we’re doing and hear what’s important to you in your area.

We’d love to see you on our travels, so if you’re nearby, come along to one of our events if you can.

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05 April 24

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