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Caring will affect all of us at some point in our lives, that’s why including a gift in your will to Carers UK is so important. Your gift will enable us to keep working towards a society in which carers are respected, valued and supported.

Leaving a gift in your will means you can create a better future for unpaid carers.


How to claim your free will

We've partnered with expert will writers, Octopus Legacy, to simplify the process of leaving a gift to Carers UK in your will.


If you live in England or Wales


Complete the process online through the Octopus Legacy website.


Talk to a solicitor

Prefer direct assistance? Call 0800 773 4014 to utilise the Octopus Legacy telephone service or arrange a face-to-face appointment with a solicitor (at home or in their offices). Remember to quote 'Carers UK' over the phone.


If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland

By phone or in person

Call 0800 773 4014 to access the Octopus Legacy telephone service or schedule a face-to-face appointment (at home or in their offices). Make sure you quote 'Carers UK' during the call.


Why leave a gift for Carers UK in your will

Leaving a gift to Carers UK in your will is a profound way to address the challenges faced by carers amidst an ageing population and a struggling social care system in the UK. Your generosity ensures that we can continue providing essential services, advocacy, and support to those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.


Your legacy in action

  • Access to support: Your gift enables us to operate our helpline, providing carers with expert advice, guidance, and emotional support, ensuring they have assistance when they need it most.
  • Online community: Through your support, we maintain and expand our online support sessions, connecting carers with peers and experts. These sessions offer a lifeline, fostering community and providing valuable insights, particularly in areas where the social care system struggles to meet demand.
  • Advocacy and awareness: Your generosity fuels our advocacy efforts for the rights and recognition of carers, amplifying their voices amidst challenges in the social care system. Your legacy helps raise awareness and campaigns for positive change in policies and services, ensuring carers' needs are addressed at all levels of society.


Including Carers UK in your will ensures your legacy of compassion and support lives on, providing invaluable assistance to carers now and in the future.


“I know from personal experience how difficult life can be – juggling work, family life with children and caring for my dying mum who lived hundreds of miles away. The effect on me was profound and changed my life, yet I hadn’t recognised myself as a carer then.” 

- Helen Brown, Carers UK Trustee and legacy pledger

Including Carers UK in your will

If you are writing or updating your will and have decided to include a gift to Carers UK, you will need to give your solicitor our name, registered address and charity number:

Carers UK, 20 Great Dover Street, London SE1 4LX.
Registered charity number 246329 (England & Wales) and SC039307 (Scotland).

If you do choose to remember Carers UK in your will, please consider letting us know so we can express our gratefulness and keep you updated on the important work you are part of.

Have a question?

If you would like to talk to us about leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch.

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