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'Me Time' is a chance to do something for your own enjoyment. These online sessions, funded by the Welsh Government, are a place where you can get involved in a range of activities that you may not be able to do normally and explore new opportunities. We will be doing all sorts of things ranging from group viewings of the great wonders of the world, to physical exercise to relaxation and mindfulness and so much more.

These sessions are all about you and your wellbeing.

Come along and have some fun, take a break from your daily routine and share different experiences whilst in the company of other carers.

Find out more about the project and what carers have said about supporting their mental health here

Sessions are being added all the time so please check back frequently to see what else may be occuring.

We also run Care for a Cuppa sessions where you get chance to chat with other carers. Find out more about these sessions here 

Upcoming 'Me Time' Sessions

Thursday 25th February at 9pm-10pm: Bingo!

Join our 7th monthly Bingo session with prizes of £5 Amazon voucher for a line and £20 for a house.

Sign up for this session here

Wednesday 3rd March - 2pm-3pm: Laughing Yoga

Come and join Sian for our second Laughing Yoga session.

No lycra or challenging poses are involved within Laughter Yoga, just lots of fun with an abundance of health benefits!

Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing, increasing the supply of oxygen in our body and brain, making you feel refreshed, focussed and relaxed.

It helps us avoid negative thinking, lifts our mood, releases of endorphins, it also stimulates circulation, aids muscle relaxation and spurs our efficiency and productivity.  Laughter and play are good for us all – at every stage of our lives.

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Wednesday 3rd March - 7pm: From stress and overwhelm to peace and clarity in an instant 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, busy minded or stressed out and wish you could clear your mind and feel relaxed more easily? 

In this enlightening 2 hour session with bestselling author and coach Chantal Burns you will discover:-

-The major Stress Myth that gets in the way of your innate wellbeing

-Why negative feelings are your friend and to use them to help you

-How you can achieve instant calm or peace of mind in any situation

Sign up for this session here

Thursday 4th March - 7pm: Assertiveness

Caroline Davies has been coaching since 2005 helping to empower individuals by helping them make, meet and exceed their goals/objectives however small in both their private and individual life.

Assertiveness: This literally means showing confidence and having the ability to speak up for yourself in any given situation.

It's having the ability to speak or get your point across without upsetting others or oneself.
Observation, self- evaluation and conversational skills.

Please make sure you bring along a pen and paper to take notes on this session.

This session will be for 2 hours. 

Sign up for this session here

Monday 8th March - 2pm: Mindfulness

Start your week in a positive fashion and lose yourself for 2 hours of mindfulness meditation with 'Mindfulness' Mike. If you would prefer you can join us for either the 1st hour or 2nd hour or for the full session.

Sign up for this session here

Thursday 11th March - 7pm: Craft for wellbeing

Join us for another wonderful craft session with Lora Morgan, this evening we will be learning the ancient craft of silk painting and by the end of the session, you will have created a beautiful colourful silk piece.  This session is perfect for the beginner, is relaxing and therapeutic.  You may be hooked on silk painting for life after this.  Join us and other carers to chill out and learn a new craft. 

Once you have registered, we will contact you for your home address so that all materials needed for the sessions can be sent out to you free of charge.

This session is now fully booked. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be placed on a reserve list. 

Friday 12th March - 8pm-9pm: Sensory Enrichment through Nature

Celebration of the senses – spring tonics/nettle soup. Nutritional qualities of plants.

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Thursday 18th March - 2pm-3.30pm: Creative Writing

Take your mind off the pandemic and find your inner voice by channelling your artistic side.

Join Fiona and Susan from the Open Book project team at Goldsmiths (University of London) for one of their fun and interactive creative writing and poetry workshops.

No writing experience required.

Sign up for this session here

Friday 19th March - 5pm- 6pm: Spring Flower Crown  

Join us for a special craft session where you'll see how to make a spring flower crown with Anita from Lush Blooms.

This session is for one hour.

This session is now sold out, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to be placed on a reserve list.

Sunday 21st March - 3pm - 4pm: Richard and Adam

Back by popular demand, number one selling duo Richard and Adam take to the web to stream a special live session performing some of their favourite songs and interact with you at home!

Don't miss your chance to watch the lads perform live from the comfort of your lounge!

Sign up for this session here

Wednesday 24th March - 3pm - 4pm: Qi Gong

Join Cat for this flowing, moving meditation practice. Qi Gong helps you clear away emotional stresses, develop balance and harmony with Nature and within, and nurture health and vitality from the inside out.

Used for over 4,000 years for health maintenance and illness prevention, Qi Gong gives you the skills and resources to treat issues such as fatigue, pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more.  

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Thursday 25th March - 9pm: monthly Bingo session

Join our monthly Bingo session with prizes of £5 Amazon voucher for a line and £20 for a house.  There are two games for a chance to win.

This session is for 1 hour.

Sign up for this session here

Tuesday 30th March - 1 pm - 2 pm: Li Harding sings Shirley Bassey and more

After singing Blues, Jazz, standards and the recent pop tunes, Li Harding was asked if she ever tried Shirley Bassey. Well that was nearly 10 years ago and she joined Owen Money on his Juke Box Heroes and did a mini-tour of Wales to much acclaim.

Tina Turner and Gladys Knight are amongst her enormous repertoire. In full Bassey mode, she excels. A really good Tina too!

Sign up for this session here

Wednesday 31st March - 7 pm: 1960's Motorcycle Racing champion Jim Curry

Life in the fast lane, predominantly on two wheels and with a championship medal to boot, is depicted in a new book written by Jim Curry. Join us for an evening of excitement and adventure, whilst Jim takes us a whirlwind adventure of his highs and lows and how he became who he is today. A Legend!

Jim will share his passion for motorcycle Grand Prix Racing which saw him win the 125cc British Championship in 1968, followed by becoming runner-up in that season's 350ccc championship and then gaining a remarkable victory on his first introduction to the legendary 24km circuit of Nurburg ring, in Germany.

Jim will share his journey, to reach the cutting edge of the competition to be top dog in the dog-eat-dog world of short circuit scratching, during the late sixties and early seventies, and experienced the thrill of the one and only Historic TT race of 1984.

His book “A Lap of my Life” is a fascinating insight into a life lived in full.

This session is for 1 hour

Sign up for this session here

We are always looking for suggestions for good 'Me Time' sessions. Have you got an idea? Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Want to see what events have already happened and ask for us to do it again? You can see what has been run previously here

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