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'Me Time' is a chance to do something for your own enjoyment. These online sessions, funded by the Welsh Government, are a place where you can get involved in a range of activities that you may not be able to do normally and explore new opportunities. We will be doing all sorts of things ranging from group viewings of the great wonders of the world, to physical exercise to relaxation and mindfulness and so much more.

These sessions are all about you and your wellbeing.

Come along and have some fun, take a break from your daily routine and share different experiences whilst in the company of other carers.

Find out more about the project and what carers have said about supporting their mental health here

We also run Care for a Cuppa sessions where you get chance to chat with other carers. Find out more about these sessions here 

Upcoming 'Me Time' Sessions

Wednesday 5th August - 3 pm: Virtual Walk of the Chichen Itza Pyramids, Mexico

Come together to have a virtual tour of Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world, and then discuss the wonders of the site with others. Lose yourself in the majesty of the great pyramids and the ancient Mayan empire

The video tour will last approximately 35 minutes and the discussion will be straight afterwards.

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 Friday 7th August - 10 am: Seated Yoga with Paul Selvey

Join renown yoga expert Paul Selvey for a 60 minute seated yoga session to exercise and relax.

Pauls seated Yoga class is for all ages and levels, from children to older people, and strong gym goers to wheelchair users. It aims to energise, mobilise, strengthen and flex the entire body with meditative movement and finish with a beautiful guided meditation.

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Saturday 8th August - 3 pm: Orchestra Vitae

Come and join us for an afternoon of music with violinist, Fiona Gibbs and cellist, Mark Walkham.

We’ll start our afternoon with a hello and welcome, Mark and Fiona will tell us a little bit about themselves and their instruments.  They will then play for us for about 20 minutes, this will be followed by a discussion on how music is great for our mood and mental health. We’ll round the afternoon off with a sing-a-long and a short Q&A session.

This session will be approximately 60 minutes.

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Monday 10th August - 10 am: 'Mindfulness Mike'

Start your week in a positive fashion and lose yourself for an hour of mindfulness meditation with 'Mindfulness' Mike. 

This session will be approximately 60 minutes.

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Wednesday 12th August - 4 pm: Ffestiniog Railway : Drivers Eye View

Experience the beautiful trip up the Ffestiniog Railway through the glorious Snowdonia National Park as seen by the driver of the train itself. Enjoy with others and discuss the trip and your own experiences of Snowdonia.

This video will last approximately 48 minutes and the discussion will have straight afterwards.

Sign up for this session here:

Friday 14th August - 2.30 pm: Life After Lockdown with Abbie Fish

Join Self-Care coach Abbie Fish who has prepared a course especially designed for the post-lockdown world that we are all slowly emerging. 

In the session, we will reflect on and find gratitude in the positives that have come from our own experiences of lockdown, and we will use our reflections to be intentional in creating our own best version of our 'new normal' lifestyle.

This session is approximately 90 minutes

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