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To support health and social care professionals in their role to work effectively and co-productively with unpaid carers, the Carer Aware project has developed resources to support this work.

These resources are aimed at those who are developing their skills and a reminder to those who work in the field on what needs to be considered to support a meaningful relationship between professionals and unpaid carers. The resources have been developed alongside Welsh NHS Confederation, BASW and Social Care Wales.



Who is an unpaid carer?

Our video discusses who is an unpaid carer and how to identify them in your professional role.

Learn about carers rights

See our video resources designed for healthcare professionals that explain the rights that unpaid carers have. There are also handouts to accompany the animations.

Good Practice Principles for Social Workers

The relationship between social workers and unpaid carers is key for the care of vulnerable people and the carers themselves

Having conversations with carers

This video series talks to professionals and carers about what it is like to talk one another and what can be done to make the conversation easier.

Involve carers in hospital discharge

Find out how best to involve carers in the discharge of patients from the hospital with our good practice principles.

Good practice principles for hospital discharge

Resources for pharmacies

Pharmacists and pharmacy staff are in a unique position to identify carers. At the heart of communities and often developing supportive relationships with regular customers. 

Research from the project

Throughout the Carer Aware project, we have collected research from our findings and through desk-based research.

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Our social worker training to further understand the rights of unpaid carers and how you can work more effectively alongside them is run all year.

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Tips for getting the most out of your relationship with your social worker


Want to support carers to work alongside you more effectively? Download and look at our guide for carers on 'Tips for getting the most out of your relationship with your social worker'


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Carers Scotland is part of the National Carer Organisations
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21 September 23

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14 September 23

Carers NI response to the potential disruption to Belfast Trust's Meals on Wheels service.

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01 September 23

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Carers UK announced as The Creative Shootout’s Charity of the Year 2024
31 August 23

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