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Being Heard: a self-advocacy toolkit for carers

Caring can be rewarding in its own ways but it can also be very isolating. Carers may not know what help to ask for, how to ask, or indeed who to ask.

Self-advocacy is about enabling someone to get their own voice heard. For carers, this means speaking up for ourselves and for the person we’re caring for. There is nothing mysterious about self-advocacy; it’s just about knowing how to communicate concerns in a way that gives the best chance of getting a positive outcome.

The Carers Self-Advocacy Toolkit is a group of integrated resources to help carers get their voices heard. The Toolkit stems from work carried out by Carers Scotland and the Scottish Government since 2011. It has been updated by Carers Wales to reflect the situation for carers in Wales.

Self advocacy guide WalesBeing Heard: a self-advocacy guide for carers

At the centre of the Self-advocacy Toolkit is the Being Heard guide, which provides information and suggests techniques to help carers advocate for themselves.

It also offers signposts and links to other elements of the Toolkit for carers to access for more information.


Cael Eich Clywed:Cael Eich Clywed:Canllaw hunaneirioli i ofalwyr

Wrth wraidd y Pecyn Cymorth Hunan-eiriolaeth mae’r canllaw Being Heard, sy’n rhoi gwybodaeth ac yn awgrymu technegau i helpu gofalwyr i eirioli drostynt eu hunain.


Being Heard: satellites

The Toolkit also features separate satellite resources, designed to enable carers to take a deeper look at different techniques or aspects of self-advocacy.

Click the links below to go straight to the satellite you need.

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