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It’s a great opportunity to meet new colleagues, develop your organisational skills, get creative and make a real difference to carers lives.


What will you get out of it?

Volunteering as a Workplace Champion is a great opportunity to meet new colleagues, develop your organisational skills, get creative and make a real difference to carers' lives. 


What's involved? 

  • You’ll listen and communicate with

  • You'll display posters and share information with colleagues, signposting those who may be caring to our website.

  • You’ll be involved with our high profile national awareness campaigns such as Carers Week and Carers Rights Day.

  • You’ll promote challenge event opportunities and use your people skills to get your colleagues involved.

  • You know your workplace better than us, so we’d love you to come up with ideas for events and activities from breakfast clubs to quizzes or hosting an information stand. Let us know your ideas!


The skills you bring

  • a friendly personality

  • great communication skills with a knack for motivating people to get involved

  • an understanding of what makes your workplace tick

  • know the procedures and protocols of your workplace

  • the ability to think


How will we support you

  • All the tools you’ll need to get started are in your Workplace Champion Pack which includes a handbook, tips and guidelines.

  • You’ll have regular contact with the Carers Wales team and be invited to attend training and information

  • We offer one to one meetings and will always be hand on should you need any information or support.

  • We offer ‘keeping in touch’ sessions for a chance to network and connect with other Workplace Champions


Your time

This is a flexible role. Our only requirement is that you can offer a minimum of two hours volunteering a month depending on our campaigns and events. 


How to apply

To apply for this role, please click the button below and fill in the short form. A member of the Volunteering Team will be in touch soon.  


Find out more

Want to know more about this role? Download the role profile.

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