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Acting on someone else's behalf

It can be difficult to know where to start if you need to look after a relative's or friend's affairs when they need a lot of support or are unable to manage their own. 

This section explains different ways to navigate the system and how to get support and assistance from service providers. We also introduce different options around planning for the future to enable you to feel prepared to make the right decisions when necessary.


Managing someone's affairs animation

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Tips from carers


Need help to arrange services on behalf of the person(s) you care for?

Based on carers' insights and experiences, our three factsheets share tips from carers on managing health matters, power of attorney, and dealing with services from banks to utility providers. Download using the buttons below.


Please note that these factsheets are based on carers' personal experiences and are for general information purposes. Information may also vary depending on your UK nation. For more detailed information on your situation, please email our Helpline at


What's the Vulnerability Registration Service?

The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) offers support for anyone dealing with challenging circumstances. The service allows you to register your details on a UK database. VRS works with organisations including financial services, utilities and local government to make sure they are aware of your situation.

By registering with VRS, you can flag up to companies that you are a carer and may be acting on someone else’s behalf or that you may be impacted financially or face other challenges resulting from being a carer. You can find out more and register here:



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Carers' tips sheets

Getting power of attorney



Health matters



Using Services



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