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Has your caring role ended or changed?

Looking after someone may be a large and significant part of your life, but often your caring role will change over time, and may come to an end. The reasons may vary considerably.

The person you are looking after may have recovered or their needs have changed. We can provide support if you are dealing with:

  • bereavement – if you have sadly lost the person for whom you cared

  • residential care – if their needs have escalated and you can no longer care for them at home

  • end of life planning – you may need support to help you consider what to do and how to cope when someone you're caring for is approaching the end of their life

  • life after caring – you may wonder what you can do next and where you can apply your skills. We can provide ideas and support for your next steps.


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Coping with bereavement 

Information and support on coping with a range or emotions and dealing with grief

two people holding hands

Residential care

We provide guidance and support to help you decide if residential care is the right option for a friend or loved one

two people holding hands to support each other

End of life planning

Ways to cope and make important decisions towards the end of life

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Life after caring

We can help you make decisions on next steps and where to turn to if you need support

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