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It’s often hard to know where to start when you need to arrange care or support for a loved one or friend. We provide information about all the possibilities to help you get the information you need to make an informed choice in their best interests.

two people discussing finances

Personal Budgets

The amount of money your local council or trust will pay towards any social care support you need.

man using a wheelchair working at computer

Direct payments

If you get help from social services, these can give you greater choice over how you pay for social care support 

woman helping older man into chair

Finding residential care

Guidance on how to find a suitable home for someone that caters for their needs 

smiling older woman with glasses looking at paid care worker

Finding care agencies and care workers

What to look out for and what to consider when considering paying for support 

concerned woman working at computer

Directly employing a care worker

What to look out for and what to consider 

close up of a person using a laptop

Complaining about a care service

Outlining what steps to take

person looking at phone screen

Find out more about care standards

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