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Being Heard: a self-advocacy toolkit for carers

The Carers Self-Advocacy Toolkit is a group of integrated resources produced by Carers Scotland to help carers get their voices heard.

At its centre is our Being Heard guide, which provides information and suggests techniques to help carers advocate for themselves. It also offers signposts and links to other elements of the Toolkit for carers to access for more information.

We also offer Workers' Resources as part of the toolkit.

Use the links below to download the guide.

The Being Heard guide

System icon

The system
The first part of the guide looks at you and ‘the system’ and offers information on the external environment you may find yourself in and the rights that can help you get your voice heard.

Communicate icon

Communicating effectively
The second part looks at skills around communication, assertiveness and negotiation and offers practical advice on getting the best out of interactions with others and how to make a complaint.

Feeling icon

Emotions & thinking
The third part takes a look at the ‘inner’ factors that may affect the ability of you to get your voice heard. Issues like difficult emotions, stress and family relationships are explored and ways to cope with these feelings are offered. We also explore how new ways of thinking and greater self awareness may help you to be heard more easily.


Being Heard satellites

The guide also features more than 20 separate satellite resources, designed to enable carers to take a deeper look at different techniques or aspects of self-advocacy.

Click the button below to download all of the satellites in a single Zip file, or use the list to go straight to the satellite you need.


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