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On 22 March, Carers NI published our Manifesto "A commitment to carers: A manifesto to support unpaid carers in Northern Ireland (2022-2027)".  This sets out key asks for all the candidates in the upcoming Northern Ireland Assembly elections on 5 May. A copy of the manifesto is attached can be downloaded below.


A manifesto to support unpaid carers in Northern Ireland

We are calling for a range of changes in policy and legislation including:

  • a new Carers Strategy and the appointment of a new Carers Champion.
  • a new Carer’s Allowance Supplement (similar to Scotland).
  • investment in social care including ring fenced funding for short breaks for carers. Ensuring day care services and domiciliary services are returned to pre-pandemic levels must be an urgent priority.
  • new legislation to guarantee 5 days unpaid leave for all carers and first day rights to request flexible working.
  • a new isolation and loneliness strategy for Northern Ireland.
  • an annual Carers Assembly, to be attended by carer representatives from across all constituencies to be heard by relevant ministers including the First and Deputy First Ministers.
  • a fund to support carers to access digital resources and technology to support digital inclusion.
  • equalities rights for unpaid carers strengthened to better tackle both direct and indirect discrimination.

You can download the manifesto here.


Write to your candidates

You can help us make sure all candidates in this election see these asks and are encouraged to support them in the campaign and if elected to the Assembly by emailing them and ask them to pledge their support.  

Through our campaign platform we can help you to contact all your candidates in a few easy clicks.

To write to all your local candidates in one go, please click here.  Please let us know of any replies you receive

We will be monitoring all those candidates who pledge their support and looking to work with them early in the next mandate.

Please join us in making sure the voice of carers is heard in this election.


Thank you for support

In this section, we are providing information on the candidates who have been in touch to offer their support.

North Down

  • Rachel Woods, North Down, Green Party
  • Andrew Muir, North Down, Alliance Party
  • Connie Egan, North Down, Alliance Party
  • Alex Easton, North Down, Independent
  • Jennifer Gilmour, North Down, Democratic Unionist Party 

West Tyrone

  • Maolíosa McHugh, West Tyrone, Sinn Fein
  • Stephen Donnelly, West Tyrone, Alliance Party

Belfast East

  • Naomi Long, Belfast East, Leader of the Alliance Party 
  • Peter McReynolds, Belfast East, Alliance Party
  • Charlotte Carson, Belfast East, SDLP
  • Brian Smyth, Belfast East, Green Party

Belfast North

  • Nuala McAllister, Belfast North, Allance Party
  • Mal O'Hara, Belfast North, Green Party
  • Nichola Mallon, Belfast North, SDLP

Belfast South

  • Paula Bradshaw, Belfast South, Alliance Party
  • Claire Bailey, Belfast South, Green Party 
  • Kate Nicholl, Belfast South, Alliance Party

Belfast West

  • Donnamarie Higgins, Belfast West, Alliance Party
  • Stevie Maginn, Belfast West, Green Party
  • Gerry Carroll, Belfast West, People Before Profit Alliance

East Antrim

  • Stewart Dickson, East Antrim, Alliance Party
  • Danny Donnelly, East Antrim, Alliance Party
  • Mark Bailey, East Antrim, Green Party

North Antrim

  • Patricia O'Lynn, North Antrim, Alliance Party
  • Paul Veronica, North Antrim, Green Party
  • Laird Shingleton, North Antrim, Independent
  • Eugene Reid, North Antrim, SDLP

South Antrim

  • John Blair, South Antrim, Alliance Party
  • Lesley Veronia, South Antrim, Green Party

Lagan Valley

  • Sorcha Eastwood, Lagan Valley, Alliance Party
  • David Honeyford, Lagan Valley, Alliance Party
  • Simon Lee, Laggan Valley, Green Party
  • Lorna Smyth, Lagan Valley, Traditional Unionist Voice

Upper Bann

  • Eoin Tennyson, Upper Bann, Alliance Party
  • Lauren Kendall, Upper Bann, Green Party


  • Rachael Ferguson, Foyle, Alliance Party
  • Gillian Hamilton, Foyle, Green Party
  • Mark H Durkan, Foyle, SDLP
  • Sinead McLaughlin, Foyle, SDLP

East Londonderry

  • Chris McCaw, East Londonderry, Alliance Party
  • Mark Coulson, East Londonderry, Green Party
  • Claire Sugden, East Londonderry, Independent

Fermanagh and South Tyrone

  • Matthew Beaumont, Fermanagh & South Tyrone, Alliance Party
  • Kellie Turtle, Fermanagh & South Tyrone, Green Party

West Tyrone

  • Susan Glass, West Tyrone. Green Party
  • Carol Gallagher, West Tyrone, People Before Profit Alliance

Newry and Armagh

  • Jackie Coade, Newry and Armagh, Alliance Party
  • Ciara Henry, Newry and Armagh, Green Party

South Down

  • Patrick Brown, South Down, Alliance Party
  • Noeleen Lynch, South Down, Green Party


  • Kellie Armstrong, Strangford, Alliance Party
  • Nick Mathieson, Strangford, Alliance Party
  • Maurice Macartney, Strangford, Green Party
  • Conor Houston, Strangford, SDLP
  • Stephen Cooper, Strangford, Traditional Unionist Voice 

Mid Ulster

  • Claire Hackett, Mid Ulster, Alliance Party
  • Stefan Taylor, Mid Ulster, Green Party

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