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Carers Wales asked each of the 22 councils in Wales and the seven Health Boards/Trusts questions about carers' provisions in their area.

The Councils were asked:

Question 1: Between the start of April 2018 and the end of March 2019, how many carers were:

  1. Provided with information, advice or assistance
  2. Offered a carers needs assessment/what matters conversation
  3. Received a support package or direct payments to meet their needs in their own right
  4. Given an annual review of their existing carers assessment/support package
  5. Requested an assessment or a review of an existing assessment
  6. Were supported in another way (please give details)

Question 2: Do you directly deliver Information, Advice and Assistance services, undertake carers needs assessments and provide services yourselves, contract with another provider or a mixture of both? Please give details

Question 3: If carers requested or were offered a carers needs assessment, how long on average did they have to wait for this?

Question 4: Please provide good practice examples where your council has developed or improved services for carers and examples of how carers have benefitted from services. 

Question 5: What plans do you have to support carers in the short, medium and long term?

Question 6: In Track the Act 3 we identified that there are the barriers and obstacles which need to be overcome to deliver the aims of the Social Services and Wellbeing Act as it relates to carers. What does your council need to be able to deliver the aspirations of the Act?

We also asked local authorities to include good practice examples where they have improved services for carers because of implementing the Social Services and Well-being Act and how carers lives have benefitted as a result. 

The Local Health Boards/Trusts were asked:

  • What funding was allocated to services/support for unpaid carers in 2018/19 e.g. Intermediate Care Fund and the Transition Fund and what work was funded.
  • How the 2019/20 funding allocations will be allocated to support or benefit unpaid carers.  
  • How are you planning to support carers in the short, medium and long term and what resources will this require?

Every council and local health board/trust responded in 2018/19. You can find all of these responces below.

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