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South Wales Police has joined the movement to create carer-friendly work places across Wales

03 December 2018

South Wales Police has become the second member of the Wales Hub of Employers for Carers.  Carers Wales launched the membership programme called Employers for Carers – a service aimed at encouraging Welsh employers to implement carer friendly work practices into their workplaces in June 2018.

Backed by Welsh Government, the Wales Hub of Employers for Carers delivers hands-on advice to employers on how to support the estimated 1 in 9 of their workforce who are carers in Wales, many of whom struggle to combine work with caring for friends or family members who are ill, frail or have a disability.

There is a great need for this service almost half (47%) of carers in Wales surveyed in the 2017 State of Caring report had given up work completely to care.  There are currently more than 180,000 carers in employment in Wales so it is critical for employers to consider the impact this has on the individual and support them so that they can stay in the workforce.  Keeping more carers in work has a triple benefit; for the carer ensuring they have a life outside caring, the business by retaining valued and experienced employees and the economy by having more people in work. 


Emma Mills (Project Lead on Absence Management and Wellbeing) has provided the following quote:

“Our staff’s wellbeing is a priority for us and we aim to support staff with caring responsibilities.  Carers Wales offer a range of support which we believe will assist in helping us support carers within our organisation and we look forward to working with them”


Sara Williams, Manager of Employers for Carers, Wales Hub says:

“We are so pleased that South Wales Police have joined Employers for Carers.  With just under 5,500 staff their choice to support staff with caring responsibilities will support those staff in what can be a challenging time to balance work and care.  In addition, working with South Wales Police will help to raise awareness of issues affecting carers across Wales and support in reaching all carers across different communities.”

Details on how to join can be found on the website email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 029 2081 1370



Notes to editors:

  1. Employers for Carers, Wales Hub is a group of employers committed to working carers supported by the specialist knowledge of Carers UK and funded by Welsh Government. Its key purpose is to ensure employers have the support to retain employees with caring responsibilities. EfC Wales hub offers:
  • Practical guides on supporting carers in their workforce.
  • Guidance from other employers on what works for them.
  • Expert consultancy and training services.
  • The latest information on legal changes and employment policy.

For more details about Employers for Carers, Wales Hub, how to join and what services are available please visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 029 2081 1370.


  1. Carers Wales- Carers give so much to society, yet as a consequence of caring they experience ill health, poverty and discrimination. Carers Wales is an organisation of carers fighting to end this injustice by:
  • campaigning for the changes that make a real difference for carers
  • providing information and advice to carers about their rights and how to get support
  • mobilising carers and supporters to influence decision-makers
  • gathering hard evidence about what needs to change
  • transforming the understanding of caring so that carers are valued and not discriminated against.

For more details about Carers Wales visit

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