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Carers Wales statement - £500 payment to carers

23 March 2022

Carers Wales welcomes the announcement of the £500 payment to unpaid carers in receipt of Carers Allowance.   

Carers have been calling for this since social care workers were provided with bonuses in recognition of their contribution during the pandemic and we commend Welsh Government for providing direct financial support to carers.

This is an important first step by Welsh Government, who are acknowledging the immense contribution and sacrifices unpaid carers made during the pandemic.  It also recognises the contribution that they continue to make, propping up the health and social care system in Wales.

Carers during the pandemic were not only struggling for support but also struggling financially.  This has only been exacerbated by the increases in the cost of living we have seen over the last few months.

We have repeatedly publicly highlighted in recent months the financial pressures facing carers and had called on the Welsh Government to give a payment to all unpaid carers to reflect their immense efforts during the pandemic. We advocated that this payment should be available to all carers that have the right to the underlying entitlement of Carers Allowance and continue to call on the Welsh Government to extend this payment to those groups. 

Carers Wales also renews our call for the establishment of a carer register so that all carers that make such a meaningful contribution to Wales are in line to receive support.

We will continue to press the Government for additional financial resources to be made available for all carers and continue to push for a full restoration of services that so many carers rely on for support.

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