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Carers Wales calls for ring fenced Carers Needs Assessment budget

31 October 2018

Carers Wales welcomes the possibility of more funding in health and social care, but is calling for a ring fenced budget for the delivery of Carers Needs Assessments as part of any additional funding Local Authorities receive from the increased budget allocated to Wales in the Chancellor’s 2018/19 Budget. 

Carers across Wales have a legal right to have their needs assessed but the Welsh Governments’ own figures1 says that only 0.5% of the 370,000 carers in Wales are receiving an assessment. It is important for carers to be given the support they need to continue in their caring role and this is an opportunity to recognise carers for the vital role they fulfil in society.

The Welsh Government figures released yesterday (October 30th) shows that 6,178 Carers Needs Assessments were undertaken in Wales between April 2017 and March 2018. This is 148 (2.4%) fewer assessments undertaken than in the previous calendar year. Of these 6,178 assessments given during 2017/18, only 2,027 were given support (33%).

Carers Wales is also concerned that the information and advice around Carers Needs Assessments is not clear enough as the Welsh Government figures show that 6,891 carers chosen not to have assessments. This suggests that the benefits of a Carers Needs Assessment may not be conveyed to carers in the right way.



1. Carers Wales- Carers give so much to society, yet as a consequence of caring they experience ill health, poverty and discrimination. Carers Wales is an organisation of carers fighting to end this injustice by:

  • campaigning for the changes that make a real difference for carers
  • providing information and advice to carers about their rights and how to get support
  • mobilising carers and supporters to influence decision-makers
  • gathering hard evidence about what needs to change
  • transforming the understanding of caring so that carers are valued and not discriminated against.

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