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COVID 19: This time has been the most challenging for me personally as a carer

Eleven weeks ago I received a letter from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London explaining that my daughter Amy, who has a rare genetic condition and learning disabilities, should be shielded for three months. Being Amy’s carer and mum, I worry so much about her compromised immune system and fragility.

I also care for my husband Darran, who became disabled and a wheelchair user after an horrific industrial accident.

Suddenly life became a lot different. It became very lonely. Amy no longer had support workers or the day centre which she attended. It was now just the three of us.

The overwhelming sense of responsibility for two other people became the greatest challenge for me as a carer during this time.

Amy’s general health is not great, coupled with the fact that she has infections regularly. The journey ahead seemed so daunting. How can I, as her mum and carer, prevent the regular journeys to A&E that have become part of out lives. The worry of her potentially picking up Covid-19 from A&E added to my angst. I felt so desperately worried that it began to impact my health. Living on my nerves and fear started to affect my heart and led to two visits to A&E for supraventricular tachycardia. A condition I have had for two years. Despite taking medication for the condition it was not enough to contain the excessive fear and stress I felt. Anyone familiar with this condition would understand the role anxiety plays. The irony of having to be in the place I most feared - A&E.

After weeks of inner turmoil I started to regain some sort of inner peace. The acceptance that I am just one person and that the expectations that had been placed on my shoulders had almost crippled me emotionally. 

This time has been the most challenging for me personally as a carer for the 36 years I have been caring. I am proud that we are getting through it although I feel like I wear shackles of love. No freedom. The motivation for caring is love and humanity. However there is price for this love that only a carer understands.

Jocelyn - Carer

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