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Carers Week logoCaring can be a hugely rewarding experience, enriching relationships and bringing satisfaction and well-being. However, caring for others often comes at a cost to a carer’s own health and well-being as they put their own health needs to the back of the queue.

To be Healthy and Connected, carers need information, advice and practical support to care safely without harming their own physical and mental health, as well as their financial wellbeing. Carers need access to breaks – from a few hours to a couple of weeks – to recharge the batteries and maintain a life of their own alongside caring

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Carers In Wales

  • Carers can find it a challenge to find time to take care of their own well-being whilst caring: Over half of carers in Wales (53%) also reported that they have reduced the amount of exercise they take because of caring and 47% reported that they have found it difficult to maintain a balanced diet. 6 in 10 carers in Wales (65%) said they find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep because of their caring role.
  • Carers are more likely to have physical or mental health conditions and often neglect those conditions: 6 in 10 carers (59%) said their physical health was worse as a result of caring while 70% of carers in Wales said they suffered from mental health problems.
  • Carers are more likely to experience stress, anxiety and worse mental health: Half (50%) of carers in Wales said their mental health has got worse as a result of caring, 8 out of 10 people (78%) said they feel more stressed because of their caring role, and 7 out of 10 (67%) said caring has made them feel more anxious

All statistics taken from State of Caring (Wales) 2017.

Show your support for carers in Wales by pledging to help carers to become more healthy and connected here

What you can do for Carers Week

For some, Carers Week is an opportunity to pamper carers:

  • by organising a coffee morning or afternoon tea for carers to meet and share stories
  • by organising a drop in clinic for carers to meet and discuss issues with experts
  • by arranging free massages, relaxation classes or thai chi lessions
  • by organising a quiz, karoke or trivia night for carers 20170613 172355

For others, Carers Week is about shining a light on what unpaid carers do and recognising  how important their contributions are

The most common ways of doing this include:

  • running an information stand
  • holding a religous service to recognise the contribution of carers
  • contacting local government figures or dignitaries to talk to carers 

Still can't find an idea that suits you? The Carers Week website has plenty more inspiration 

How do I register my Carers Week event?

Registering a Carers Week event couldn't be simpler.

All you need to do is fill in this form on the Carers Week website and your event will appear on the interactive map here

Once registered, you'll receive a free event pack. This will include an assortment of posters and leaflets to decorate your event or distribute freely.

How else can I support Carers Week?

During Carers Week we are asking social media users to post and tweet about events they go to and share stories and news articles involving carers and caring using the #CarersWeek and @CarersWeek handles.

We'd also like people to share pictures with us at @CarersWales so we can highlight the diverse nature of carers and the support being shown in Wales.  

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