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An introduction to mindfulness and short practices for carers

In this video, our resident Mindfulness instructor, Mike Buckley, talks about how mindfulness can benefit you as a carer. Click on this page to try four short (7 minutes or less) mindfulness practices with Mike.

If you would like to join in longer online sessions on mindfulness, please check out the Me Time schedule, where you will find all the latest dates for our popular mindfulness sessions!

“It was a lovely break from my caring responsibilities. I came away feeling rejuvenated as I was so tired before the session.”



What is mindfulness?

“Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing” (NHS – Mindfulness)

Mindfulness is a practice that helps you to become more aware of what is happening for you in each moment. Practicing mindfulness can help you to feel calmer, more grounded and more able to manage stress and emotional difficulty.

There is no one way to practice mindfulness, because it is a way of paying closer attention to how you are in each moment, without judgement. Common ways of practicing mindfulness include focusing on your breathing, scanning your body and noticing how it feels, or using mantras and counting.


Does mindfulness really make a difference?

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Because of its popularity, it’s often recommended for all kinds of problems – from stress to anxiety and other challenging situations. You may feel skeptical about how effective mindfulness really is in this context – but there are many studies that show that mindfulness really does make a difference to those who practice it regularly.

As Mike Buckley explains in the video series above, mindfulness can also be something that only takes a short while to do – sometimes as few as three mindful breaths can help to ease tension and make you feel more at ease.

Carers who attend our Me Time mindfulness sessions often report feeling more relaxed, and finding a greater sense of peace and freedom from a busy mind:

"In the first breathing exercise I realise how busy my mind is but by the third exercise I was completely relaxed and my mind actually switched off for a period of time - which is a fantastic achievement for me."

So, while mindfulness may not be a ‘cure-all’, it can provide relief and relaxation for many people who experience it. So why not click on the short practice videos or sign up for one of our free mindfulness sessions and see for yourself?

Mindfulness sessions with Me Time

“It helped me switch off for an hour and showed me the value of ME time!”

Our popular mindfulness sessions give you the chance to delve deeper into mindfulness with Mike Buckley, a mindfulness teacher. During each session, which can last between one and two hours, Mike will introduce different practices to help you experience a greater sense of calm and awareness. He also talks through your experiences with each practice and how it impacts you and your caring role.

We run sessions with Mike regularly throughout the year, as well as other sessions to help you feel more relaxed – click the link here to see our upcoming sessions and book a place.

“It gave me great ideas on how to relax in my caring role”

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