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Previous Me Time Events

Here are a list of the previous 'Me Time' Sessions that have already been run by Carers Wales.

If you would like to request we run one of these sessions again or have your own idea for what would make a great 'Me Time' session for you, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday 5th August - 3 pm: Virtual Walk of the Chichen Itza Pyramids, Mexico

Come together to have a virtual tour of Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world, and then discuss the wonders of the site with others. Lose yourself in the majesty of the great pyramids and the ancient Mayan empire

The video tour will last approximately 35 minutes and the discussion will be straight afterwards.

 Friday 7th August - 10 am: Seated Yoga with Paul Selvey

Join renown yoga expert Paul Selvey for a 60 minute seated yoga session to exercise and relax.

Pauls seated Yoga class is for all ages and levels, from children to older people, and strong gym goers to wheelchair users. It aims to energise, mobilise, strengthen and flex the entire body with meditative movement and finish with a beautiful guided meditation.

Saturday 8th August - 3 pm: Orchestra Vitae

Come and join us for an afternoon of music with violinist, Fiona Gibbs and cellist, Mark Walkham.

We’ll start our afternoon with a hello and welcome, Mark and Fiona will tell us a little bit about themselves and their instruments.  They will then play for us for about 20 minutes, this will be followed by a discussion on how music is great for our mood and mental health. We’ll round the afternoon off with a sing-a-long and a short Q&A session.

This session will be approximately 60 minutes.

Monday 10th August - 10 am: 'Mindfulness Mike'

Start your week in a positive fashion and lose yourself for an hour of mindfulness meditation with 'Mindfulness' Mike. 

This session will be approximately 60 minutes.

Friday 14th August - 2.30 pm: Life After Lockdown with Abbie Fish

Join Self-Care coach Abbie Fish who has prepared a course especially designed for the post-lockdown world that we are all slowly emerging. 

In the session, we will reflect on and find gratitude in the positives that have come from our own experiences of lockdown, and we will use our reflections to be intentional in creating our own best version of our 'new normal' lifestyle.

This session is approximately 90 minutes

Tuesday 18 August - 7.30 pm: Conscious Leadership with Chantal Burns

The secret to feeling calm, happy and resilient in turbulent times

What if feeling calm or peaceful is always available to you, no matter what? And what if you could more easily connect to your deepest wellbeing regardless of the circumstances you might find yourself in?

Chantal will run a taster session where she will share with you the ONE thing that gets in the way of feeling calm, peaceful or resilient and she will also spend time listening and finding out what would be helpful for you in terms of your own wellbeing and resilience, so she can tailor her forthcoming sessions to your needs.

Wednesday 12th August - 4 pm: Ffestiniog Railway : Drivers Eye View

Experience the beautiful trip up the Ffestiniog Railway through the glorious Snowdonia National Park as seen by the driver of the train itself. Enjoy with others and discuss the trip and your own experiences of Snowdonia.

This video will last approximately 48 minutes and the discussion will have straight afterwards.

Thursday 27th August - 9 pm: Bingo!

Join the Carers Wales team for our first late night carers session and have a game or two of Bingo. £5 Amazon voucher for the line and £20 for the full house!

Friday 4th September: 2 pm: Motown session with Jacky Webbe

Come and listen (and perhaps sing along!) to some popular Motown, Soul and other classic music hits.

Run by one of our Carers Wales members, Jacky Webbe, who along with being a carer is also a professional singer and choir leader.

Friday 4th September - 7.30 pm: Guided Imagery and Meditation with Ella Titman Tamari

However your week turned out to be, whatever is ahead, this get together will offer you the opportunity to relax and renew in the here and now.

This session will include opportunities to speak, listen and explore the possibility of taking a break in the flow of life, regardless of what is going on

Wednesday 9th September - 9 pm: Virtual tour of Machu Pichu

Come on another journey with us and explore Machu Picchu, a mysterious Inca city that had a population of between 500-1,000 people, occupied and abandoned over a 100 year period. No one knows for sure what its purpose was or why is was abandoned. At 8,000 feet above sea level, it's an incredible sight to behold!

Friday 11th September - 2 pm: Mindfulness with 'Mindfulness Mike'

End your week in a positive fashion and lose yourself for an hour of mindfulness meditation with 'Mindfulness' Mike.

This session will be approximately 2 hour session

Friday 18th September - 2pm: A reading with Penny Wincer

Penny is the author of Tender: The imperfect art of caring. She has twice been a carer - to her mother while she was a teenager and now to her son who is autistic and has learning difficulties.

Penny will share some readings from the book touching on grief, expectations, self compassion and joy and you’ll be invited to share your own experiences on the topics throughout the session.

Friday 18th September - 4.30 pm: Flower Crown Workshop with Anita from Lush Blooms

Join us for an early evening with Anita from Lush Blooms who will show us step by step, how to make a Flower Crown.

Once you register all the materials will be sent out to you in plenty of time before the session so that you can just sit down or stand, relax and join other carers to create a beautiful scented crown that will be yours to treasure.

Wednesday 23rd September - 3.30 pm: Express yourself through writing

Take your mind off the pandemic and find your inner voice by channelling your artistic side.

Join Fiona and Susan from the Open Book project team at Goldsmiths (University of London) for one of their fun and interactive creative writing and poetry workshops.

No writing experience required. The session will last for 90 minutes

Thursday 24th September - 9 pm: Bingo

Join the Carers Wales team for a game or two of Bingo. £5 Amazon voucher for the line and £20 for the full house!

Sunday 27th September - 3pm: An afternoon Richard and Adam

'Mae Gofalwyr Cymru yn falch iawn o gyhoeddi bod Richard & Adam wedi cytuno i gynnal 45 munud sesiwn Zoom am ddim o’r enw 'Amser i mi' gyda ni ar gyfer gofalwyr di-dâl ar Dydd Sul 27 Medi am 3pm. Byddant yn canu rhai o'u hoff ganeuon ac yn sgwrsio â'u cynulleidfa

Carers Wales are very pleased to announce that Richard and Adam have agreed to do a free 45 minute Zoom Me Time session for unpaid carers with us on Sunday 27th September at 3pm. They will sing some of their favourite songs and chat with their audience.

Thursday 1st October - 7pm: Confidence session with Caroline Davies

Come and join us for this first of a series of 4 sessions we’ll be running over the few months with Caroline Davies.

Caroline has been coaching since 2005 helping to empower individuals by helping them make, meet and exceed their goals/objectives however small in both their private and individual life.

Confidence, needs and wants is our first session. We will look at what confidence means to you, how to increase your confidence and self belief.

Monday 5th October - 1pm: Managing your Mind - Anger

Join us for a 2-hour session on Anger Management, with SURE for Mental Health, where we will look at what makes us angry, signs of anger, triggers to anger, how we can diffuse situations and the importance of self-care. By the end of the session you will be able to describe, recognise and identify what makes you or the person you care for angry and identify early warning signs of aggression and how to deal with this.

Thursday 8th October - 11am: Pryder ar ol Cloi i lawr

Mae'r pandemig wedi cael effaith enfawr arnom ni i gyd mewn gwahanol ffyrdd. Fodd bynnag, mae rhai yn ein plith y mae hyn wedi creu pryderon mawr iddynt - yn gyntaf gyda'r cyfyngiadau a'r newidiadau y bu'n rhaid i ni eu gwneud, a nawr, wrth lacio'r cyfyngiadau, y newidiadau yr ydym yn eu hwynebu eto. Mae yna lefel o bryder sy'n cael ei deimlo ochr yn ochr â'r llacio hwn a'r gobaith yw, trwy'r weminar hon, y cawn gyfle i'ch helpu i fynd i'r afael â rhai o'r teimladau pryderus hynny, gan greu'r cyfle i chi archwilio'ch teimladau eich hun am y sefyllfa a beth mae'n golygu i chi.

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